The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 647

Chapter 647 I Wont Take The Test

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Nian Xiaomu held the photograph tightly in her hands.

Her gaze turned penetrating as she paused after every word and said, “Yet, from the first time you met me, you simply wanted me dead!”


“Since you claim that you are my older sister, let’s go take a DNA test now. After the test results are out, we can talk about the issue of me paying with my life! If I am not even a daughter of the Xing Family, I can sue you for defamation for the rumors that you spread about me in front of the reporters! You and the rest of your accomplices can go to jail together!”

Nian Xiaomu’s fingers pointed at every single person in the courtyard.

She threw the photograph in her hand at Xing Li.

Due to Nian Xiaomu’s strong and powerful attitude, the expressions of those present changed in an instant.

The Xing Family was left with nothing.

If they were sued, all of them would be in hot water!

“Xiao Li, since she doesn’t believe it and insists on doing this DNA test, then we should just do the test for her. Once the test results are out, it can also prove that we are not liars!” the woman urged as she regained her composure and walked over to Xing Li.

In their hearts, the Xing Family’s downfall was all due to Xing Xing.

It was natural for them to hate Xing Xing. Even if Xing Xing was unwilling to admit her mistakes or support them financially, how could she turn around and sue them for defamation?

It was essentially traitorous!

At the thought of this, the woman grabbed Xing Li’s hand, wanting to bring her over for the test.

Just as she grabbed ahold of Xing Li’s hand, the expression on Xing Li’s face changed as she broke free from the woman’s grip.

“Aunt, I refuse!” Xing Li’s gaze was evasive and seemingly hesitant about something.

Nian Xiaomu realized that something was fishy. Squinting her pair of animated eyes, she raised her voice and said, “There are probably still reporters outside. I will go out and tell them that you don’t even dare to take a DNA test with me, that you were a liar from the start, and that everything you said previously was a lie…”

“Yes! We are indeed not biological sisters!” roared Xing Li. “However, once you were born, you were adopted by Dad and Mom and declared as the Xing Family’s second daughter. Even though you were adopted, Dad and Mom never treated you like an adopted daughter. Instead, they treated you as though you were their own and were exceptionally doting toward you—even more so than toward me, their biological daughter!”


“They even instructed me that I could only say that you were my biological sister if any of our relatives and friends were to ask about it. To prevent our relatives and friends from finding out about it, we stayed overseas for a few years without contacting anyone and only moved back to the Xing Family mansion afterward… They doted on you so much, but how did you repay them? You caused their deaths and burned down the Xing Family with that fire!”

Tears flowed down Xing Li’s cheeks as she spoke about it.

The pain and hatred in her eyes seemed to be genuine.

All of a sudden, the surroundings fell silent.

Nian Xiaomu’s pupils shrank!

Xing Li’s attitude toward her was not how an older sister would behave, which was why Nian Xiaomu suspected that they were not sisters at all.

However, she had never expected that Dad and Mom were also not her parents…

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but no words came out.

Her relatives in the extended Xing Family adopted her, and her foster parents treated her very well.

However, she was rebellious and unwilling to be disciplined, causing their deaths…

“You can never repay what you owe the Xing Family in this life. I want you to pay back with your life! I want you to live in guilt your whole life, unable to experience happiness forever!” Xing Li’s words resounded in Nian Xiaomu’s ears like a curse.

With a sinister look in her eyes, it seemed as though she could not wait to witness Nian Xiaomu die in front of her right now.