The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 65

Chapter 65: So who is the teacher here?

"Yuehan, could there be misunderstandings in this matter?" Cheng Xiulu's facial expression changed as well.

She would not allow Yu Yuehan to chase her niece away.

If Cheng Caimei was really banished in front of so many people, the Cheng Family would suffer the utmost humiliation!

With a strict expression, Cheng Xiulu turned her head, glanced at Nian Xiaomu, and said, "It was you, right? You must be angry that I had lectured you, hence you targeted Meimei and purposely framed her by starting this rumor..."

"Enough!" Yu Yuehan interrupted her coldly, his eyes raging with anger.

With a slight wave of his hand, bodyguards walked over to his side.

With his mouth opened slightly, he spoke with pauses between his words, "Throw this woman out and ban her from entering the Yu villa in the future!"

"..." Cheng Caimei's legs wobbled, and she fell right to the floor.

Having been chased out of the Yu Family's party was equivalent to being shut out of high society.

Her dream of marrying into a rich family would be crushed...

Cheng Caimei glanced at the approaching bodyguards, grabbed tightly onto Cheng Xiulu's blouse, and said, "Aunt, save me! I don't want to be chased out of here..."


Looking at her pitiful niece, Cheng Xiulu was very worriedjust like a cat on a hot tin roof.

No one, however, was able to refute Yu Yuehan's orders in the Yu Family.

What could she do?

She had planned to count on her niece and hoped that her niece could attract Yu Yuehan with her young and beautiful appearance. This could strengthen the ties between both families as relatives.

Currently, Cheng Xiulu only wished that Cheng Caimei would not implicate her!

"Young Master, Matriarch has arrived," the assistant walked up to Yu Yuehan and reminded him respectfully.

When she heard that, Cheng Xiulu raised her head swiftly.

She seemed to have thought of something and rushed in front of Yu Yuehan.

"Yuehan, you cannot chase Meimei away now because she is here to perform for your grandma's birthday. The program has already been arranged, and it was your grandma who agreed to it. Do you want her to go back on her word at her own birthday party?"

Upon hearing that she might not have to leave, Cheng Caimei stood up immediately and pleaded with Yu Yuehan, "Young Master Han, I truly understand my mistakes. I will apologize to Little Miss, so please give me another chance."

With the two of them echoing each other, they seemed to be grabbing the last strand of life-saving straw.

"..." Yu Yuehan's eyes darkened, but no emotions could be spotted on his perfect face.

He swept his gaze past the aunt and niece pair, who thought that they had obtained the sword of supreme authority. He opened his mouth slightly and said, "I will give you the time of the program."

In other words, she would still have to leave once the program ended.

Cheng Caimei's face froze.

She wanted to say something, but the bodyguards had already ushered her into the lounge to prepare for her performance at the Matriarch's birthday party.

"Explain." Yu Yuehan's gaze landed to the side where Nian Xiaomu stood; she had barely uttered a single word throughout.


Confused that her name was mentioned all of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu looked at him.

"I asked you to follow me. Why did you run around all over the place?"


"I asked you to babysit Xiao Liuliu, but you couldn't even handle Cheng Caimei."


"I shall give you a chance to explain before I fire you," Yu Yuehan said his last sentence and fixated his stare at her dumbfounded face.

Her quick-witted eyes opened widely.

Her slightly open mouth seemed to have the urge to go forward and give him a bite, but was forcibly restrained.

She could only stare at him with bulging cheeks.

"You yourself couldn't even fix Cheng Caimei, yet here you are lecturing me. I am much better than you though. At least I taught Xiao Liuliu to apologize when she does something wrong," Nian Xiaomu muttered indignantly.

Yu Yuehan's eyes flickered. He swept his gaze past her face that was panting with rage and opened his mouth slowly.

"So you are now discussing how to educate a kid with me?"