The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 652

Chapter 652 I Only Want Her

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Xing Li was so intent on destroying Nian Xiaomu that she would rather end up having nothing to her name. What exactly was the reason for this?

Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu sank into silence together.

Before they could think of any overlooked clues, the assistant entered the room in a hurry.

“Young Master Han, Mr. Yu and Mrs. Yu have brought over the other elders of the Yu Family. They are downstairs now, and they want to see you.”

The Mr. Yu that the assistant mentioned was the illegitimate son that Old Master Yu had fetched home before passing away—Yu Huiwei and his wife, Cheng Xiulu.

Previously, Cheng Xiulu had failed due to Nian Xiaomu’s handiwork.

However, Cheng Xiulu could do nothing to Nian Xiaomu because of Yu Yuehan’s presence.

After she heard that such a thing had happened to Nian Xiaomu, she definitely would not let go of such a chance. Immediately, she enlisted Yu Huiwei, and the couple proceeded to persuade the other elders of the Yu Family to protest against the engagement between Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu.

Cheng Xiulu had been busy ever since the online news was published.

When she heard that the stock prices of the Yu Corporation had tumbled, she immediately led the others to the Yu Family villa.

Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu had already heard the voices even before they arrived downstairs.

“A woman without a background wanted to marry into the Yu Family. I didn’t agree with it in the very first place, but Yuehan would not listen. Look at what the internet has got to say now—A jinx who caused the deaths of her parents was turned into the precious gem of the Yu Family. Wouldn’t others laugh at how silly the Yu Family is if word got out?”

“This was initially Yuehan’s private matter—it wouldn’t be nice for elders like us to say anything since he likes her. However, if he really does marry that jinx, the entire Yu Family might be wrecked. For that, we cannot simply watch and do nothing about it!”

“Yuehan has been bewitched by that woman to the extent that he cannot think properly. Everyone here is his elder—all of you cannot just watch without stopping him as he sinks deeper and deeper into the mess…”


Cheng Xiulu had always been a brainless person. However, she was really smart to say things like this today.

She had managed to pull the elders of the Yu Family to her side with these few sentences of hers.

They saw Nian Xiaomu as a vixen who had bewitched the king as well as a slut who had damaged the country and caused suffering to the people!

“Where’s my cell phone?” When Nian Xiaomu heard what Cheng Xiulu said, she ran back to the bedroom and picked up her cell phone.

She opened up the internet and read the latest news.

The images of Xing Li getting out of the car and lamenting to the reporters had been live-streamed right away.

Compared to the previous interview where she did not reveal her entire face, Xing Li had forsaken her image this time around and had entirely revealed her face full of burn scars.

The ugly scars took up half of her face.

Her face was half angelic and half demonic.

The stark contrast in her face combined with her mournful experience lead to numerous people feeling pity.

All of a sudden, netizens who were unaware of the truth started to criticize Nian Xiaomu.

All of them scolded her for being heartless.

They declared that she was a jinx, that she was here to curse Yu Yuehan after causing the deaths of her own parents, and that she wasn’t a worthy match for Yu Yuehan…

Nian Xiaomu’s hand that was holding the cell phone tightened silently.

The next second, a huge hand covered her eyes.

“Nian Xiaomu, you should know that I will not accept any excuses if you abandon me after making use of me.”

Yu Yuehan took the cell phone from her hand and threw it onto the bed. As he held her hand tightly with their fingers intertwined, they turned around and headed toward the stairs.

Just as they reached the top of the staircase, the people in the living room heard the impending footsteps and all stood up uniformly.

Cheng Xiulu was the first to stand up and walk forward.

When she saw their intertwined fingers, she shrieked, “Yuehan, you can have any woman you want. Quickly let go of this jinx now!”