The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 653

Chapter 653 At The Very Least She Bore A Child For The Yu Family

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Her voice was very high-pitched and ear-piercing.

It was as if she was afraid that the others could not hear her—apart from screaming, she even pointed at the two who were holding hands and appeared to think about walking forward to separate them.

The Yu Family did not have a strong direct line of descent.

Yu Yuehan was the only heir of his generation.

Yu Huiwei was an illegitimate son and was only fetched home at a later date. Thus, he wasn’t a presentable candidate in the eyes of the other members of the Yu Family.

As such, the other elders of the Yu Family held high expectations for Yu Yuehan.

They pinned their hopes on him, hoping that he could lead the Yu Corporation to greater heights.

In that case, the shares and profits that they held would naturally rise as well.

If they really allowed Yu Yuehan to marry a jinx, he would not be the only one who would be implicated if anything bad happened!

Nian Xiaomu had already stirred up a great disturbance before she had even married into the family.

Numerous people were waiting to watch how the Yu Family would make a joke out of themselves…

“Forget about the others. Shouldn’t we be more cautious about a major event like marriage?” The first to speak was an uncle who seemed to be around Yu Huiwei’s age.

When he finished speaking, he walked forward with Yu Huiwei and studied Nian Xiaomu with an unfriendly gaze.

She was pretty good looking, but it was exactly her good looks that wrecked things!

Everyone suspected that she had bewitched Yu Yuehan with those looks of hers, causing him to lose even his most basic sense of judgment.

He had actually forsaken the Yu Family business for a woman.

If he really married her, he might just lose his head due to lust—Wouldn’t that mean the end of the Yu Family?

She would still be a jinx even if she did not curse him to death!

“I do not approve of this woman!”

After the first person spoke up, the rest of them followed suit and echoed along naturally.

Everyone was initially apprehensive of Yu Yuehan, and all of them were worried about him getting angry.

However, the hunter would shoot the bird that sticks out. Since someone had already stepped forward to take the bullet, the others did not have to abstain any longer, so all of them spoke up to urge him.

“I already had qualms about her family background in the very first place. How can someone who has no memory of her past be a good fit to be the lady of the Yu Family?”

“The Yu Family has such a huge family business, and everything must be taken care of. Can a pretty face like her be useful and bring in the bread? I’m afraid she won’t even be able to manage the Yu Family villa, much less the business aspects of the Yu Corporation!”

“Yeah! Furthermore, getting married to a person is akin to doing business—Smooth sailing or not, they matter dearly. Look, ever since the news of the engagement got out, it became the talk of the town in a bad way. Additionally, the stock prices of the company have now been affected as well. Oh Yuehan, you are the President of the company—You must not ignore this!”

“I say that she has not contributed to the Yu Family in any manner. Even Xiao Liuliu’s missing mother is way better than she is—at least she bore the Yu Family a child. What about her? She earned herself a vile reputation before she even married into the Yu Family!”


As everyone gathered at the staircase landing, all of them chimed in and greatly criticized Nian Xiaomu.

It was as if she was merely a little vixen with a pretty face—that she was a good-for-nothing apart from being a good looking accessory.

Cheng Xiulu stood by the side and felt extremely cheerful—She was merely a fire starter to this fire, and it had resulted in everyone denouncing Nian Xiaomu without any mercy!


She was merely a nurse previously, yet Nian Xiaomu already had the guts to mess her plans up.

She had assumed that she could turn into a phoenix since she managed to climb to the top.

Cheng Xiulu would teach her a good lesson today and let her know the meaning of wishful thinking!

“Hey, the reason why Nian Xiaomu was able to stay in the Yu Family villa in the very first place was all due to having Xiao Liuliu as her backup. I have no idea what kind of spell she cast on Xiao Liuliu that managed to coax her into becoming so reliant on her.”