The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Finally A Reasonable Person

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Cheng Xiulu folded her arms and proceeded with her satirical rant.

“I am afraid that someone has got wild schemes. She thinks that she is really Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother just because she takes care of Xiao Liuliu!”

Everyone’s expression changed instantly upon hearing Cheng Xiulu’s words.

All the justifications were right before their eyes without them saying anything.

Nian Xiaomu had merely taken advantage of a kid to deliberately get herself close to Yu Yuehan; she was a woman who was seeking the riches of the Yu Family.

What right did such a woman have to become the lady of the Yu Family?

They couldn’t possibly allow others to make a joke out of the Yu Family in the future, saying that the master of their family was a fool who was toyed with by a woman or that even a nurse could rise up the ranks just due to her beauty…

“Elder brother, how can you just sit there? You are Yuehan’s uncle—you should advise him properly!”

Some unknown person spoke up, causing everyone to instantly shift their gazes toward a middle-aged man who appeared to be the eldest.

The hair at both his temples had already turned a little white.

He appeared to be at least 50 years old.

Even though he had a stout figure, he seemed to be pretty mature, yet imposing.

He was the uncle with the highest seniority from the previous generation of the Yu Family.

He seemed rather calm compared to the others.

“Yuehan is not a kid. He has grown up, and I trust that he possesses his own ability to judge. You guys, however, all simply followed the herd blindly and forced me to come here. It’s below your statuses to be wreaking havoc like this!”

The others could not control their expressions any longer after he said this.

“Elder brother, we called you along because we want the best for Yuehan and simply want you to advise him. How can you say such a thing?”

“Yeah, we are not complaining about anything now—We are just worried that Yuehan doesn’t know much about the outside world since he’s still young and might get cheated as a result!”

“Yes, yes, you all heard everything just now. This woman is a vixen who took advantage of a child—she’s not as simple as she appears to be!”


All of a sudden, a loud shattering noise sounded from the staircase landing.

Before the people who were gathered at the front could come to their senses, they saw that a vase, which was originally situated beside the staircase and was about half as tall as a person, had been kicked and knocked over by someone.

It collapsed to the ground with a smash.

The broken ceramic shards flew toward the crowd.

Everyone present was so shocked that they screamed and fled.

Just when someone was about to ask which blind rat had pushed the vase over, Yu Yuehan’s chilly voice sounded from the staircase landing and asked, “Are all of you done talking?!”

These few simple words deepened the atmosphere in the living room instantly.

A dark shadow was cast over his handsome face.

He gradually swept his chilly gaze over the people in the living room.

A dim ray of light flickered beneath his eyes; it was as if the people before him would have long since turned into a bunch of corpses if they were not his relatives.

A few of the uncles who had initially claimed that everything was for his own good glued their gazes to the ground. As they stared at the shattered vase, they instantly swallowed the words that were right at the tips of their tongues.

Even though Yu Yuehan had always presented an indifferent attitude toward others, he had been very respectful toward his elders and uncles.

It was very rare for them to see him in a rage.

For a long while, nobody dared to reply to him when they saw the expression on his face.

However, not replying did not mean that they did not have any opinions.

When Cheng Xiulu saw that nobody dared to utter a single word, she made use of her identity as Yu Yuehan’s aunt-in-law and blurted out, “The ones who said that she was a jinx were not from the Yu Family! Raging at us will not hold back the mouths of the pubic anyway!”

The moment Cheng Xiuliu finished her sentence, Yu Yuehan immediately shifted his sharp gaze toward her.