The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 655

Chapter 655 If Anyone Dared To Bully Her She Would

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From the chilly look that flickered beneath Yu Yuehan’s eyes, the few people who stood beside Cheng Xiulu shivered a little and moved away from her, much less Cheng Xiulu herself.

Everyone braced themselves on behalf of Cheng Xiulu when they saw that Yu Yuehan was about to walk forward.

However, a tender looking hand grabbed his arm and held him back at the very next second.

When Yu Yuehan turned around, Nian Xiaomu, who was standing behind him, gestured by nodding her head.

All of the people here were his relatives; these people would detest her even more if he really raged at his relatives because of her.

She was never someone who would hide behind a man and cry the moment others criticized her.

If anyone dared to bully her, she would… she would bully them in return!

Nian Xiaomu bypassed Yu Yuehan and walked forward. The upset look on her pretty face from earlier could no longer be seen now.

She stood in front of the elders of the Yu Family and lifted her head up lightly.

With her confident and graceful actions as well as her aura of a queen, she appeared to be a perfect match for Yu Yuehan and did not seem to be one bit undeserving.

There wasn’t a single hint of timidness as she stood before the elders of the Yu Family, all of whom were a bunch of people who had roamed the business industry for half their lives.

One could not bring themselves to ignore the arrogance that flickered in her eyes.

“All the uncles here are elders. Indeed, I am not as talented compared to all of you—All I have done was simply close the deal for a few big projects while merely holding the position of public relations manager.”

Nian Xiaomu spoke in an indifferent manner.

From this simple sentence of hers, she seemed to be admitting defeat, but she was in fact giving a reminder to everyone present.

Every department in the Yu Corporation was of utmost importance, and the manager of a department would not be able to control his or her subordinates if they lacked the ability.

Let alone close a few deals smoothly.

Even though she had not spent a long time in the Yu Corporation, the profits that she had managed to earn for the company during this short period of time might amount to be more than what Wen Yadai could snag in a year.

She was Nian Xiaomu, and she was not a pretty vase that was good-for-nothing!

They should understand this fact without her justifying herself!

“This…” A few of the uncles looked each other in the eyes. They could hear the sarcasm in her words, but they could not retaliate.

A few of these uncles who held a greater stake in the company shares had once praised the new public relations manager for being a talent during a general shareholders meeting and had even encouraged Yu Yuehan to reward her.

Wouldn’t they be slapping themselves on their own faces if they were to stand out and rebuke her for anything she had just said?

Nobody replied, so Nian Xiaomu continued by saying, “The rumors on the internet—since they are rumors, this means that they cannot be trusted. As of now, even the media cannot prove the authenticity of Xing Li’s words. Dear uncles, may I ask you where you got ahold of this ‘truth’ that prompted you to come over and confront me in such a hurry?”


“If the Yu Family were to take every rumor seriously from now on, then the Yu Family will be a goner sooner or later—With or without me around as a jinx!”

“You, you… How dare you! How could you curse the Yu Family!” The uncle who was first to stand out and oppose Nian Xiaomu couldn’t contain his anger and jumped out.

Just when he was about to head forward to strike Nian Xiaomu, Yu Yuehan cast his gaze over at him.

A complete sense of warning seeped through his gaze.

If anyone dared to hurt Nian Xiaomu, they would never get to walk out of this place!

That uncle paused in his actions; he could only contain his anger and continue to argue with Nian Xiaomu.

“That’s easy for you to say. The share prices of the company have started to tumble, which is all because of you. Could this simply be an ordinary rumor? Women are trouble if they are too capable! For a woman who took advantage of Xiao Liuliu to climb up the ranks, why are you still acting like a Holy Mother?”