The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 656

Chapter 656 The Fierce Protector Is Here

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“I wouldn’t dare call myself a Holy Mother, but I just happen to be Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother,” Nian Xiaomu replied indifferently.

The living room sank into a dead silence with this sudden sentence.

It was as if they could not believe their own ears.

The uncle, who had ridiculed Nian Xiaomu just now for not contributing to the Yu Family in any way and had said she was inferior to Xiao Liuliu’s mother who had at least bore a child for the Yu Family, fell totally silent.

His eyes grew wide as he stared fixedly at Nian Xiaomu.

Did she say it wrongly, or did they hear it wrongly?

Xiao Liuliu’s bio… biological mother?

Very quickly, someone snapped back to his senses.

He laughed sarcastically and said, “I am afraid you have gone crazy to have even uttered such a lie? This completely shows how unscrupulous you willing to be just to marry into the Yu Family! You actually thought of passing yourself off as Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother? Did you assume that we were so old and muddleheaded that you could fool us in such a manner?”

As if they had suddenly seen the light, someone else echoed along instantly after he finished his sentence and said, “I was wondering how this was possible. So you wanted to make use of Xiao Liuliu and lie to us after you managed to lie to Yuehan!”

“Such a scheming woman should never be allowed to stay in the Yu Family…”

At this point in time, the uncle who had been arguing with Nian Xiaomu just now was already bursting with rage as he rushed to Yu Yuehan.

“Yuehan, listen to her yourself. Isn’t this woman crazy? Are you still going to protect her when things have already reached a situation like this? If she really becomes Xiao Liuliu’s stepmother, Xiao Liuliu will not have a peaceful life in the future!”

Yu Yuehan shot a glance at him and spoke in a chilly manner, “She will not become Xiao Liuliu’s stepmother.”


Everyone in the living room thought that Yu Yuehan had taken their advice into consideration. Just when they were about to heave a sigh of relief, he opened his lips and said slowly, “She is Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother.”

Everyone: “…!!”

Bio… biological mother?

Since when did their indifferent nephew learn how to crack jokes?

Everyone’s gazes shifted toward Yu Yuehan’s expressionless and handsome face.

From the look on his face, it was very obvious that he wasn’t joking in any way.

If he wasn’t joking, then Nian Xiaomu did not have zero contributions to the Yu Family. Furthermore, Xiao Liuliu was still young—If they really chased her biological mother away, the little miss might just hate them to the core when she grew up in the future…

Everyone knew that Xiao Liuliu was Yu Yuehan’s favorite.

He had raised her ever since she was a tiny baby.

If she was nurtured as the successor of the Yu Family, she might just record them in her notebook and get back at them in the future if they made things difficult for Nian Xiaomu now!

For a short period of time, the uncles who created the most ruckus had all turned silent.

They were hesitating over whether they should continue to oppose her.

Cheng Xiulu could no longer contain herself as she watched the situation go haywire.

“Yuehan, as much as you want to marry this woman, you still cannot weave such a huge lie for her! How could Nian Xiaomu be Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother!”

The moment Cheng Xiulu opened her mouth, the people who had just quieted down suddenly started to stare blankly.

They looked at Yu Yuehan doubtfully.

Cheng Xiulu continued speaking when she saw this.

“Everyone, don’t get cheated by Nian Xiaomu. Since this woman is so scheming, she must have bewitched Yu Yuehan into lying for her as well. She wants to use Xiao Liuliu to get married into the Yu Family! I will chop off my head and allow others to sit on it if she really is Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother!”

The crowd could not make up their minds when they heard this. Just then, they saw Matriarch Yu’s figure appear at the entrance.

Holding her walking stick, she entered the living room with the support of her attendant.

When she heard what Cheng Xiulu said, she ordered in a deep voice, “Butler, get a knife for her from the kitchen. How dare she bully my Xiao Mumu! If she doesn’t chop off her own head today, I’ll do it for her!”