The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Matriarch Heres The Knife

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Matriarch Yu was getting on age.

She was usually smiley, which made her appear especially benevolent.

However, in the end, she was the matriarch of the Yu Family. As someone who had tackled all kinds of situations, she carried an unconcealable hint of an imposing aura within her.

The surrounding air would follow and grow suffocating when she wasn’t happy.

At this point in time, the people who were previously putting on airs as elders had all stood up uniformly.


They greeted her respectfully and even addressed her by her title.


Matriarch Yu cast them a glance and snorted coldly.

She was unwilling to acknowledge them the moment she thought about how these people took advantage of her absence and deliberately made things difficult for her Xiao Mumu.

What was this about living to a ripe old age? They were obviously looking for chances to enrage her to death!

“Mom, why did you come over…”

Cheng Xiulu had not expected Matriarch Yu to appear at this time. When she heard the matriarch’s words, she walked forward immediately and wanted to replace the attendant who was supporting her.

However, Matriarch Yu had already avoided her before her hand could touch her.

Holding her walking stick herself, she walked over to the sofa and sat down.

She sat with a dignified posture and a straight back.

Placing one hand on top of the other, she rested her hands on top of her walking stick.

She shot a cold gaze over at Cheng Xiulu and said, “Don’t call me Mom! I don’t have such a great daughter-in-law like you!”

“…” Cheng Xiulu’s body froze instantly.

Yu Huiwei was Old Master Yu’s illegitimate son, and he had no blood relationship with Matriarch Yu.

Indeed, Cheng Xiulu wasn’t her daughter-in-law.

However, Old Master Yu had already passed away. Since Matriarch Yu had allowed them to return to the Yu Family villa and reside within it, it meant that she had also acknowledged their status in the family.

Previously, she would still respond to Cheng Xiulu when she called her “Mom.”

However, when she heard how Cheng Xiulu had made things difficult for Nian Xiaomu, she put Cheng Xiulu down directly in front of all the elders of the Yu Family.

What she had done was meant as a reminder to all: both husband and wife were illegitimate offspring that could not be presented to the public!

Cheng Xiulu’s expression turned extremely ugly at that instant.

However, she could not disrespect Matriarch Yu in front of so many others. Instead, she could only act thick skinned and continue to address her that way.

“Mom, do you have some misunderstandings about me? It was all for the sake of Yuehan that I was so angry with Nian Xiaomu just now. You don’t know about it since you just arrived—Nian Xiaomu has tried to use all sorts of methods just to marry into the Yu Family! She even thought of posing as Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother a moment ago. If I continued to do nothing to stop her, this family might just get wrecked by her!”

As Cheng Xiulu said that, she adopted a face full of grievance as her eyes turned red.

Just like a weak little woman, she wiped the corners of her eyes.

Before the elders of the Yu Family had a chance to speak up and advise Matriarch Yu, she was already laughing out loud.

For some unknown reason, one could catch a hint of sarcasm from her candid laughter.

Before they could snap back to their senses, Matriarch Yu had already turned around to look at Cheng Xiulu.

“So, are you implying that I’ve wronged you?”

“I won’t feel wronged as long as Mom understands my painstaking effort.” Cheng Xiulu’s attitude became even more respectful as she spoke on.

She stood beside Matriarch Yu obediently and displayed the posture of a good daughter-in-law.

Just when she was about to persuade Matriarch Yu to take her side, Matriarch Yu lifted her head up and said to the butler, “I asked you to retrieve a knife. Where is the knife?”

Cheng Xiulu: “…!!”

Everyone: “…!!”

The butler rushed into the kitchen and brought out the sharpest cleaver.

It was very brightly polished.

The reflected light dazzled everyone’s eyes as it swayed about in the living room.

It was indescribably scary.

The butler brought the cleaver over to Matriarch Yu and said, “Matriarch, here’s the knife!”

“Don’t give it to me—give it to her.” As Matriarch Yu’s hale and hearty eyes flickered, she gestured in Cheng Xiulu’s direction with her pouted lips.