The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Young Master Han Who Has A Paralyzed Face

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“The Yu Family values honesty and integrity greatly! We adhere to our word! Otherwise, people do not have the right to call themselves members of the Yu Family!”

Everyone was confused after they heard what Matriarch Yu said.

Especially Cheng Xiulu.

After falling into a daze for a few seconds, she snapped back to her senses and tried to explain herself immediately.

“Mom, did you have a misunderstanding? I merely wanted to tell others that Nian Xiaomu could never be Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother—she is obviously lying to us now. How could you make me chop off my own head…”

Cheng Xiulu shivered as she looked at the cleaver that the butler was holding.

“Didn’t you say that you would chop off your own head if Xiao Mumu was Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother and that you would even allow others to use your head as a stool?” Matriarch Yu raised her eyebrows and replied in a chilly tone.

Cheng Xiulu panicked when she heard this.

She pointed at Nian Xiaomu and said, “But she obviously isn’t…”

As soon as she spoke, she suddenly seemed to realize something and paused in her words.

As she stared at Matriarch Yu in disbelief, she took a look at Nian Xiaomu, who she had pointing at. Instantly, her eyes widened.

Her voice suddenly trembled.

“Mom, you can’t joke about such things. Even if you like Nian Xiaomu, you can’t help her with her lies! This is something major that concerns the bloodline of the Yu Family!”

When the other uncles who had remained silent heard Cheng Xiulu’s words, all of their expressions changed instantly.

They wanted to pop the question, but all of them were too shocked and did not have the guts to ask anything.

When Matriarch Yu saw that her act of keeping them in suspense was enough, she casually allowed the attendant to help her stand up from the sofa. Taking a step forward, she stepped onto the coffee table.

With her walking stick in hand, she pointed at each and every person present before her.

“All of you are muddleheaded!”


“Butler, bring the DNA report here and let them take a good look at it!”

When the butler heard these instructions, he swiftly placed the cleaver on the coffee table and turned away to retrieve the report.

He quickly returned with the maternity test results.

“This is Xiao Liuliu and Xiao Mumu’s maternity test results. Open all of your eyes wide and take a good look at it. It’s alright if you can’t read the other information, but I bet all of you can read the words ‘mother and daughter relation,’ eh?”

As Matriarch Yu gripped her walking stick, she circled the crowd and walked one lap around them.

She seemed to be showing off a treasure and kept on reiterating.

“If not for such an adorable mother like Xiao Mumu, how could Yuehan produce a cutie pie like Xiao Liuliu with that paralyzed face of his?”

“All of you are not just muddleheaded, but blind as well!”

“All of you are unlike me. From the first time I caught sight of Xiao Mumu, I knew that her presence was meant for the Yu Family. Indeed, my grandson did not disappoint me and brought her home…” As Matriarch Yu spoke, her face sunk and she snorted coldly.

“However, the rest of you did not put in a single bit of effort and even stirred up trouble for me! All of you want to intentionally anger me to death!”


The elders of the Yu Family were already struck dumb when they saw the DNA report.

And now, they got to listen to Matriarch Yu’s lecture. However, they had to endure it even if they were not convinced by her.

After all, Matriarch Yu was Yu Yuehan’s biological grandma; since she had no critical comments for him, the uncles themselves naturally would not be entitled to voice their opinions.

Cheng Xiulu’s legs wobbled after she saw the DNA report.

She only felt a chilly feeling on her neck…

She hid behind Yu Huiwei’s back when the others were not paying attention.

She had just hidden herself and assumed that no one would remember her presence.

However, Matriarch Yu pointed her walking stick toward Cheng Xiulu at the very next second and said, “Butler, don’t forget to pass her the cleaver. If her hand trembles and is unable to chop off her head by herself, do remember to help her out and do it swiftly!”