The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Where did you hide Xiao Mumu at?

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

This sentence sounded weird regardless of how she thought about it.

She raised her head, but could not really tell if Yu Yuehan was angry. She pursed her lips and did not reply.

Upon Matriarch Yu's arrival to the birthday party, the emcee started informing the guests to take their seats.

Looking at the two of them who were still arguing, the assistant braced himself and reminded Yu Yuehan again, "Young Master, the Matriarch is waiting for you. If you don't head over now, I am afraid that she will come and look for you personally."

When he heard that, Yu Yuehan withdrew his gaze. He carried Xiao Liuliu and walked a few steps forward. Then, he looked back again and stared at Nian Xiaomu, who stood fixed to the ground.

Cold sweat seemed to trickle down her spine. Nian Xiaomu followed him hurriedly...

When the emcee announced the commencement of the birthday party, the lights in the ballroom dimmed.

A spotlight shone at the entrance. After which, a tall, cold, and handsome figure appeared under the lights.

His handsome face with distinct edges, as well as his perfect silhouette, seemed to be God's most satisfied piece of work.

Yu Yuehan raised his eyes; a gaze alone was enough to control the overall situation.

His gaze steadily swept through the guests in the ballroom. With a turn to his back, he assisted Matriarch Yu in.

He personally supported her with his hand and walked step by step on the red carpet to the center of the ballroom.

Xiao Liuliu followed beside Matriarch Yu with a longevity peach in hand. Matriarch Yu was grinning from ear to ear at her adorable look...

It was a warm sight which many of the others envied.

Nian Xiaomu stood watching in the crowd. As she looked at scene, then looked at Yu Yuehan again, she suddenly felt that he did not seem to be so cold-hearted and callous after all.

At least he was someone who cared dearly for his family.

"I heard that there would be a talent show later on. I wonder whose daughter had the privilege of performing..."

"She must be both talented and good-looking to be able to perform at the Yu Family's party...


Cheng Caimei only managed to catch a view of Yu Yuehan's back when she exited the lounge with the bodyguards.

Just when she was gloomy and depressed, she heard the discussions of the guests around her.

She raised her head and straightened her torso immediately, a stark difference from her dark and gloomy face just now.

No matter what, she was still at the Yu Family's party.

She heard that Yu Yuehan's parents had passed on when he was very young and that Matriarch Yu was the one who personally raised him.

Hence, Cheng Xiulu had tried every possible method and arranged a chance for Cheng Caimei to perform during the birthday party, hoping that Cheng Caimei could entertain Matriarch Yu.

Cheng Caimei had never thought that this would become the only chance that she could grasp!

As long as her performance was outstanding, Matriarch Yu would certainly praise her. She would then take the chance to make a requestto stay by the old lady's side and accompany her. In this case, she would not be chased out of the Yu Family villa...

As Cheng Caimei thought of this, the smile across her face became even brighter and more beautiful.

With everyone's gaze on her, she raised the hem of her skirt and walked to the piano on the stage.

"Mom, Meimei prepared meticulously just for your birthday party. These past few days, I have seen her practicing on the piano late into the night. She said that she wanted to make sure that you enjoyed the performance." Upon seeing her niece onstage, Cheng Xiulu hurriedly explained this into Matriarch Yu's ear.

She spoke very loudly instead of lowering her volume.

It seemed as if she was afraid that the seated guests did not know that the lady who had the honor of performing at the Yu Family's party was her niece.

"Actually, Meimei has already reached Grade 8 at piano, but she has high expectations of herself and wanted to perfect her skills."

"Oh really, let's watch her then," Matriarch Yu gave her a glance and spoke indifferently.

She raised her hands and allowed Yu Yuehan to assist in seating her.

Just after she sat down, she gave Yu Yuehan a slap on the shoulder and asked him with a dark face, "Young brat, where is the granddaughter-in-law I picked for you? Where did you hide Xiao Mumu at?"