The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Something Is Not Right

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Since Matriarch Yu was present to oversee matters that concerned the Yu Family, all the troubles were settled before any messes could form.

However, the comments on the internet became more and more vicious after Xing Li’s disappearance.

It reached the extent that people came forward to raise their doubts, pointing out that Xing Li did not continue her exposé because Xing Xing had sent her people to capture her and that she might have been silenced…

All sorts of assumptions erupted rapidly.

Apart from the influence of the gossip news media, many people also fabricated seemingly honest stories and posted them on the internet.

It was as if they had witnessed Xing Xing capture Xing Li with their own eyes as she prepared to silence her.

Furthermore, Xing Xing had Yu Yuehan to back her up.

For a period of time, news regarding Yu Yuehan and Xing Xing was the center of everyone’s attention from the moment it was released to the public.

The widespread attention regarding this particular scoop resulted in internet era chaos.

Once a topic managed to gather the attention of the people, everyone would follow the news.

As long as the readers loved it, people would always spread and release related information on the topic regardless of its authenticity.

This situation resulted in the emergence of fake news; such news would spread rapidly before one could deny the rumors…

“Young Master Han, should we announce that Xing Li and Miss Nian are not biological sisters now?” The assistant hurried to the Yu Family villa the moment he received the news.

Yu Yuehan had to handle the latest situation before he could “prove himself.”

They had taken Xing Li away in full view of the reporters.

Even though she might have went into hiding herself, the public would firmly believe that she had been kidnapped now that she had gone missing!

Yu Yuehan took a glance at the news on the internet and asked with a deep voice, “Where’s Xing Li?”

“She was sent back along with the other members of the Xing Family. I went to the Xing Family immediately after the news broke, but discovered that she had already disappeared!” the assistant said with a reproachful look.

To prevent Xing Li from uttering nonsense to the reporters, he instructed her not to leave the premises even though he had sent all the members of the Xing Family back.

Yet, who would have thought that Xing Li would go missing in just the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, everyone saw that they had taken Xing Li away, but none of them saw that they had in fact properly sent Xing Li back.

As such, all sorts of assumptions popped up.

The police would not intervene since it hadn’t been long since Xing Li had disappeared.

However, the comments on the internet had gotten so serious that they had already badly damaged both Yu Yuehan’s and Nian Xiaomu’s reputations, not to mention the Yu Corporation’s image.

If the comments were to continue developing like how it was now, they might just get themselves into huge trouble if anything really happened to Xing Li!

Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up and suddenly asked, “Who are the members of the Xing Family ?”

When he heard this, the assistant replied to her quickly, “There are a total of four siblings in the Xing Family. Your adoptive parents were the eldest in the family, but the second eldest in the family became in charge of the Xing Family after your adoptive parents passed away. They were the same couple who adopted Xing Li—the couple who defended her in the courtyard of the Yu Family villa previously. The other two couples ranked third and fourth in the family.”

Nian Xiaomu remained silent for a few minutes after the assistant finished speaking.

She thought of something and turned around to look at Yu Yuehan.

“I want to pay a visit to the Xing Family personally!”

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “You want to look for Xing Li?”

“That’s only part of the reason.” Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and continued speaking, “I feel that the members of the Xing Family are a little weird. Do you remember that the second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family had once mentioned that my adoptive parents treated me very well?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened.

Nian Xiaomu nodded her head and said, “Hmm, did it ever cross your mind why my adoptive parents treated me better than their biological daughter if I really was adopted?”