The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Suffering The Consequences Of One's Own Actions

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Under normal circumstances, every biological child would be their parents’ gem.

However, Xing Li implied that the Xing couple had exceptionally doted on Xing Xing to the extent that it had surpassed their love for their biological daughter.

As such, the Xing couple died while trying to protect Xing Xing during the fire, which was also the reason why Xing Li resented her so much and wished that Xing Xing would pay with her life.

However, this did not make sense…

Why did the Xing couple love an adopted child so much instead of their biological daughter?

Forget if it were usual times.

Perhaps the Xing couple were lovely people with kind hearts and had treated Xing Xing as their own.

However, it did not sound right that they only bothered to protect Xing Xing during the fire and allowed Xing Li to get burned and disfigured…

Either Xing Li was lying or there were other things that they were not aware of.

Yu Yuehan understood what Nian Xiaomu meant the moment she spoke her thoughts.

He turned around and instructed the assistant. “Prepare the car. We’ll head over to the Xing Family residence now!”


After the fire at the Xing Family mansion, the Xing Family did not want to stay in an environment that would evoke sad feelings, so all of them moved to a nearby city.

They did not move to a faraway place even though they no longer resided in City H.

The sun was setting, and the twilight was beautiful just as they arrived in the neighboring city.

The winter sunlight wasn’t scorching and was instead filled with warmth.

Orange rays of light hit against the snow-filled ground and brought warmth to every inch of the surroundings.

Even though the Xing Family disliked Nian Xiaomu, they still came out to receive Yu Yuehan out of respect when they heard that he was coming along as well.

Nian Xiaomu stood in front of the courtyard of the house and studied the setting before her eyes.

Apart from the Xing couple who had passed away, the other three brothers of the Xing Family were still residing together.

All of them walked into the courtyard and stood together when they heard sounds of activity.

They seemed like a very large and lively family.

“Did the Xing Family live together like this for the past few decades?” Yu Yuehan turned around and asked the assistant on Nian Xiaomu’s behalf when he noticed her odd expression.

The assistant nodded his head quickly and started to explain, “Apart from the eldest brother and his family, all the other members of the Xing Family live together. However, this isn’t weird either—it is said that the eldest brother of the Xing Family used to take good care of his brothers and allowed them to stay with him before he passed away. Perhaps this was so that they could look out for one another.”


Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes flickered. However, he did not say anything as he held Nian Xiaomu by the waist and headed toward the living room.

He lifted his head and took a look around when he reached the Xing Family’s living room.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe the area as simply having four bare walls.

Apart from a shabby looking coffee table as well as a few chairs, there was almost nothing in the living room.

“We’re sorry for hosting you under such conditions.” The second uncle of the Xing Family walked forward and said, “After my eldest brother and sister-in-law passed away, the situation in the Xing Family declined year after year. Both me and my wife are childless, and we adopted Xing Li after my eldest brother passed away. I wanted to provide a good life for her, but I really couldn’t earn much…”

The second uncle of the Xing Family shifted his gaze toward Nian Xiaomu as he spoke on.

A resentful look showed in his gaze.

“The Xing Family wouldn’t have ended up in such a state if my eldest brother and sister-in-law were still alive!”

Nian Xiaomu’s chest tightened slightly when she heard his words.

Just when she was about to say something, Yu Yuehan held her hand tightly as he said, “It is a well-known fact that the other brothers of the Xing Family are lazy bums who do nothing every day. All of you are suffering the consequences of your own actions!”

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes narrowed slightly when she heard this.

She put away her last bit of empathy and self-reproach.

Keeping a straight gaze, she looked the unfriendly second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family in the eyes and said, “The sole purpose of my visit today is to clarify a question.”