The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 664

Chapter 664 She Was Different Ever Since She Was Young

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“… What question?” All the members of the Xing Family were stunned when they heard what she said.

“In the beginning, all of you said that I was a daughter of the Xing Family, but you guys changed your minds afterward and said that I was adopted. What exactly happened?” Nian Xiaomu sat on a shabby looking chair in the living room and spoke slowly.

When they heard this, the second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family looked each other in the eyes.

They remained silent for over 10 seconds.

After that, the second aunt could not hold it in any longer and was the first to speak out.

“My elder brother and sister-in-law didn’t stay together with us previously, and we did not get together often either. They gave us money every month, so we naturally did not want to disturb them after receiving their money. However, no matter how poor we were, it was necessary to have a huge gathering annually or at least once every two to three years. At that time, you were still an infant and very small in size. Elder brother and his wife brought you along and said that you were the latest addition to the family. Everyone was celebrating, and they even said that the couple silently popped out a second child without anyone knowing. It had never once crossed anyone’s mind that you were adopted.”

The second aunt paused in her words and then continued, “After that reunion, elder brother did not socialize with us that often since he did not live near us. The adults would get together at least 10 times a year, but we didn’t have many chances to see you or your sister. All of us only mingled more often after elder brother and sister-in-law moved back to the Xing Family mansion. Whenever we mentioned you, your parents always said that you were an introvert and that you would play alone in the backyard because you did not like to interact with others. As time passed, we didn’t have a very deep impression of you, let alone have doubts about your background.”

Nian Xiaomu grew even more doubtful after the second aunt finished speaking.

It would be a kind act if they had simply adopted a child.

Yet, why did her adoptive parents hide it from their brothers?

It would sound reasonable if they did this to protect her from being ostracized by members of the Xing Family, but she felt that things were not that simple.

“Since you did not see me very often, then how did you know that my adoptive parents doted on me more than Xing Li?”

The second aunt panicked when she heard this.

“Is there a need to ask this question? Everyone in the Xing Family was aware of this!”


“Ever since you were born, elder brother and his wife did not really put much focus on their business and stayed at home most of the time to accompany you. Even if elder brother went to work, elder sister-in-law would stay close by your side!”

The second aunt seemed to have remembered something and continued, “All of your food and necessities were top grade products that were imported from overseas. There was a time when I visited the mansion one year and just happened to see elder brother carrying in a huge box. I was curious about what he had bought and took a peek inside the package. It turned out that everything inside was baby products, some of which I had never seen before. I secretly took a picture and searched them up on the internet—that’s how I knew they were top grade goods that were specially custom-made.”


“Not only this, you were home-schooled ever since you were young. I heard that your teachers were paid hefty sums for every lesson they taught! Others could not even afford to hire one teacher, but your parents hired a few of them all at once! Think about it yourself—who would have suspected that you were adopted when elder brother and sister-in-law treated you so well?” asked the second aunt with a mean expression.

When Nian Xiaomu heard all these things about herself when she was young, she clenched her fist and asked anxiously, “Didn’t you ever ask why my adoptive parents treated me so exceptionally well?”

“Since your parents were rich and could afford to treat their children nicely, what was there to ask? However, I did ask them once out of curiosity why a girl like you needed to take lessons for so many things. If they did not hire private tutors for you, the Xing Family could have opened up another company with the money saved.”

The second aunt sank into her memories and only spoke again after pondering for a while.