The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 668

Chapter 668 It Wasnt Only Because Of The Fire She Had Always Hated You

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“There’s really a secret compartment!” Nian Xiaomu rushed forward in surprise.

As she stretched her head forward, she saw Yu Yuehan stretching out his hand toward a small partition inside the closet. Slowly, he pulled it out…

When the two of them realized that there was indeed something in the secret compartment, their expressions changed.

Without any hesitation, Yu Yuehan took out the box that was hidden in the secret compartment.

It was a metal biscuit box.

The design on the box were already worn down.

One could vaguely tell that it was a metal box that had once contained mooncakes.

It was very badly worn as it was most likely taken out by someone on a frequent basis.

As Yu Yuehan placed the box on the table, he took a glance at Nian Xiaomu and gestured for her to not be nervous. Then, he opened the box.

“This is…” Nian Xiaomu’s expression became weird after she thoroughly looked through the contents of the box.

Reaching out, she held up a tiny soft toy from the box.

It was a Snow White soft toy, and it looked extremely old-fashioned judging from its design.

Furthermore, the hair of the soft toy seemed to have been scorched by fire—half of the hair was charred while the area near its face was a little blackened as well.

The molten and distorted plastic material felt hard to the touch.

It would be impossible to restore it back to its original shape.

Nian Xiaomu placed the toy down and looked at the metal box again.

Apart from the toy, a photo frame was also one of the items that was placed in the box.

Similar to the toy, the edges of the photo frame were charred as well.

The photo that Xing Li hid in the metal box was different from the one that Nian Xiaomu had previously seen; it wasn’t a family of four, but a family of three.

It was a photo of the deceased Xing couple holding Xing Li.

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the photo.

Xing Li appeared to be in her teens in the photo.

This meant that Nian Xiaomu had already been born at that point in time.

However, why wasn’t she in the photo?

And so, everything Xing Li had said must be true.

Nian Xiaomu wasn’t the biological daughter of the Xing Family and had been adopted.

Xing Li must have held the items in the metal box with her hands as she was escaping from the fire.

These items must be of utmost importance to her for her to have clutched them during a life and death crisis. Furthermore, they must have been placed at a position within her reach…

Xing Li must have placed this photo frame at her bedside during normal times!

As Yu Yuehan took a glance at the photo frame in her hand, he opened his mouth and said in an apathetic tone, “Xing Li doesn’t hate you because she determined that you caused the fire—I don’t think she ever regarded you as her sister deep in her heart.”

“However, this does not prove that she had something to do with the fire that year.” Even after she had looked through the items in the box, Nian Xiaomu could not find any evidence that could point them in any direction. Taking a step back, she sat on the bed and started to study the entire room.

She tried her best to recall if she had overlooked anything.

Xing Li had repeatedly said that she was the one who had caused the deaths of her adoptive parents.

Why was Xing Li so certain of this?

If the items in the metal box were solely for the sake of remembrance, then why did she hide them in the secret compartment of the closet?

There were too many things that she could not figure out…

Footsteps sounded from outside the room.

When Nian Xiaomu turned around and faced the door, the first thing she saw was the unwilling face of the second aunt. Right after that, she noticed a young looking face.

That person seemed very excited when she saw Nian Xiaomu.

She squeezed past the second aunt who had shown her the way and walked forward.

“Are you really Xing Xing? Do you remember me? I am Xing Fang, your elder cousin who is only older than you by three days. During our time at the Xing Family mansion, you ignored everyone and loved to sit in the backyard alone while waiting for someone. I was the only person you would speak to.”