The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Her words were law!

"..." With knitted eyebrows, Yu Yuehan sent sidelong glances at his assistant.

His assistant understood tacitly and dived into the crowd hurriedly. He managed to find Nian Xiaomu, who had been squeezed to the back by the crowd.

"Xiao Mumu, quick, come to Grandma. Let Grandma take a good look at you!" Matriarch Yu waved at her happily the moment she saw her.

In response, Nian Xiaomu walked forward obediently.

"Matriarch, may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea, and may you live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains!

"My Xiao Mumu is indeed filial and sensible. Come, sit beside me with my little sweetheart." As Matriarch Yu spoke, she urged Nian Xiaomu to sit at a seat at the host table.

The moment she said this, the faces of the people around them became strange.

All of them set their gaze toward Nian Xiaomu and were guessing her status.

Cheng Xiulu had originally counted on her niece to recover some lost ground on her behalf in front of Matriarch Yu.

Yet, when she heard what Matriarch Yu said, shock filled her heart. She stopped her immediately and said, "Mom, only the Yu Family's direct line of descent are allowed to sit at the host table. Nian Xiaomu is just a nurse; she doesn't have the right to do so!"

When Yu Huiwei heard that, his face turned ice-cold. He had kept quiet all this time and was waiting for Matriarch Yu to introduce him officially.

"A lowly nurse wants to take a seat at the host table? What about the rules?!"

Yu Huiwei, who was middle-aged, wasn't bad looking; he looked kind of like Old Master Yu.

It was just that he seemed to have too many hidden thoughts in his eyes, so his gaze seemed to be filled with a treacherous look.

It was as if he was the one who wielded the highest authority in the Yu Familyhe sat in his chair and looked like he had his nose in the air.

"Both of you, husband and wife, have indeed memorized the rules of the Yu Family. I bet you must also know that the Yu Family's direct line of descent only includes the legitimate children, not the illegitimate ones," Matriarch Yu spoke slowly and glanced heartily at Yu Huiwei and his wife, who were both sitting at the host table.

"If we were to really talk about the rules, don't the both of you have to get up?"

Yu Huiwei's face fell. "Mom, what do you mean by this..."

"My son is dead. I have only my grandson and great-granddaughter with me now. If there is anyone in this family who causes displeasure to an old lady like me, I will cause displeasure to their entire family!" Matriarch Yu interrupted him and slammed her walking stick twice on the floor.

A complete sense of warning seeped through her words.

The Yu Family was a big household with a big company and was able to take in an illegitimate son. However, as long as she was alive, she was still the matriarch of the Yu Family household.

Her words were law!

Yu Huiwei had not expected for Matriarch Yu to still have such boldness when she was already one foot in the grave. He was silenced to the extent that he could not think of anyway to reply to her.

Wasn't this old lady trying to embarrass him on purpose with so many people watching around them?

Yu Huiwei wanted to continue and say something, but Cheng Xiulu, who sat beside him, quickly stopped him.

"It is Mom's 70th birthday today, so why are you still arguing with the elderly. As long as Mom is happy, it doesn't matter who sits at the host table."

When Cheng Xiulu finished speaking, she leaned toward Yu Huiwei's side and spoke into his ears, "The most important thing to do today is to let the Yu Family acknowledge your status. You cannot lose your cool at this crucial point in time!"

Matriarch would still show them some respect because she cared about her marriage with the Old Master.

However, Yu Yuehan would not care about them at all!

As for that Nian Xiaomu, she could be complacent for now. After Meimei performed, she would know by then that with her social status, it was already an honor for her to appear at such a high class party!

"The performance is starting soon. Xiao Mumu, sit down quickly and watch it with Grandma," Matriarch Yu finally spoke in satisfaction after seeing that the two of them had exercised restraint.

Before Nian Xiaomu could react, Matriarch Yu pushed her to the seat beside Yu Yuehan.

"You shall sit there!"