The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 676

Chapter 676 I Admit It It Was Me

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On his cell phone, Yu Yuehan had turned the speakerphone mode on.

He had originally wanted Nian Xiaomu to listen in, but now, Fan Yu had heard it as well.

As their eyes met, Nian Xiaomu stared at him with eyes that were wide with shock.

“I can tell you guys with certainty that I have no idea what is going on with this photo. Furthermore, I have not seen her!” Just when the words that he had said just now were still circling beside her ears, the assistant’s information arrived in the blink of an eye.

Fan Yu had taken the initiative to contact Xing Li…

Why did he contact Xing Li?

Could he have given Xing Li a call to lure her to his villa?

But what was his motive?

He mentioned that he did not know that Xing Li had committed suicide. Was this true or not?

Nian Xiaomu subconsciously retreated backward and lengthened the distance between the two of them.

“Well, I gave you the chance just now. You can’t blame me for suspecting you since you did not speak the truth just now…”  ( Boxno vel. co m )

“I admit that I called Xing Li,” Fan Yu suddenly replied.

Nian Xiaomu paused in her steps when she heard this.

She looked up at him.

He had admitted this too easily—something wasn’t right.

Did he simply admit this because he had heard the phone conversation just now and knew that he could not hide it any longer?

Just when Nian Xiaomu was wondering if Fan Yu’s words could be trusted, Yu Yuehan strolled behind her and pulled her into his embrace.

With deep and soulful eyes, he stared fixedly at Fan Yu as he got dressed.

Fan Yu had put on a shirt and had just fastened his buttons.

However, he only had a towel wrapped around his lower body.

He still looked disheveled while getting dressed.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened when the scene of himself entering the room just now flashed past his mind.

“Let’s talk after you’re done changing into your clothes.”

After that, he held Nian Xiaomu by the waist and walked out of the master bedroom.

Approximately five minutes later, Fan Yu walked out of the bedroom and had already regained his usual image as a prince charming.

However, he did not blow dry his short hair. The corner of his lips that seemed a little indecent emitted a trace of dangerous energy as well.

With a toss of his head, he combed his hair backward with his hands and walked up to them.

“Did you come here because you assumed that Xing Li is here with me?”

“We didn’t assume. The surveillance cameras managed to capture Xing Li entering your villa,” Nian Xiaomu replied.

She was originally unconvinced and was worried that the assistant had gotten it wrong.

Why did Xing Li look for Fan Yu when she didn’t even know him?

Along with the news of Xing Li committing suicide on the internet…

She had been suspecting that they were heading in the wrong direction throughout the ride here.

However, the assistant had previously mentioned that Fan Yu had taken the initiative to contact Xing Li before she disappeared. Plus, Fan Yu had also personally admitted to the deed.

She couldn’t help but suspect that Fan Yu had something to do with this matter.

Otherwise, why did he contact Xing Li?

It just so happened that Xing Li also went off the radar when she got close to his villa.

Was he the one who had hidden Xing Li away?

“Fan Yu, you said that you only had eyes for me in the past…” Nian Xiaomu suddenly spoke. The moment she finished her sentence, she felt a chilly sensation behind her back. Realizing the ambiguity of her words, she rephrased her sentence and continued, “What I meant was, you didn’t know Xing Li in the past. Why did you give her a call all of a sudden?”

“I wanted to verify something with her, so I sent someone to look up her phone number,” Fan Yu opened his thin lips and replied in a straightforward manner.

Nian Xiaomu asked in surprise, “What is it?”

Fan Yu said, “Something to do with you.”

Nian Xiaomu: “???”

“And so, you invited Xing Li to your private villa and even met with her…”

“No.” Fan Yu interrupted her sentence and said, “I admit that I had invited her over, but she rejected my invitation.”