The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Causing Trouble Causing Trouble

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“Rejected?” Nian Xiaomu felt slightly taken aback.

It seemed that she had not expected to receive this reply.

Xing Li had rejected Fan Yu’s invitation for a meet up, went to the vicinity near Fan Yu’s villa alone instead, and even disappeared around that area…

What kind of situation was this?

If Fan Yu did not lie, then this might just be Xing Li’s plot to make them misunderstand Fan Yu.

However, if it was not her plot…

Then Fan Yu’s motive would be…

Nian Xiaomu could not figure out the relationship between the two of them even after she had racked her brains.

“Fan Yu, I treat you as my friend and do not want to suspect you. However, if you cannot explain your motive for meeting Xing Li alone, then…” Nian Xiaomu could not finish her sentence and only spoke half of her words.

She believed that Fan You already understood her intentions.

She wished that she could trust him, but Xing Li was nowhere to be found now and all the dubious points led them in his direction.

She needed to clarify things.

When Fan Yu heard this, his dark brown eyes flickered slightly. After remaining silent for a few seconds, he finally opened his mouth slowly and spoke.

“Do you still remember me telling you that whenever you came over to look for me as a kid, a young girl would always appear at the back door of my house?”

Nian Xiaomu was a little shocked and asked, “You’re suspecting that this girl was Xing Li?”

Soon after, her expression returned back to its calm state.

It wouldn’t be weird even if that girl was Xing Li.

Since Xing Li was older than Nian Xiaomu, she was already a part of the Xing Family when Nian Xiaomu got adopted.

Xing Li might have accidentally discovered that Nian Xiaomu was acquainted with Fan Yu and hence tailed her behind her back.

What did this have to do with Fan Yu meeting Xing Li?

Was it just to verify if she was that young girl from the past who used to appear outside his door?

“This wasn’t the only reason why I wanted to meet her.”

Fan Yu leaned his long and slender body against the wall lightly. Tilting his body, he looked at Nian Xiaomu and said, “Both of you should remember that I once mentioned that the young girl wore clothes that looked a little weird and that she had a drastic sense of dressing style. At one point, I suspected that they were two different people.”


“On the day that Xing Li appeared, I recognized that she was that young girl who loved to wear dresses. I sent someone to check on her clothing style over the years—It has always been the same gentle and cute style. However, I remembered that the young girl who appeared at my back door that year had a totally different fashion style. If they were not the same person, then there must have been another person that I have overlooked!”

Xing Li was full of lies; it would be very difficult to ask her about the truth regarding the fire from that year as well as about Nian Xiaomu’s family background.

However, if there was really another person who frequently tailed Nian Xiaomu behind her back, then it might be very possible that this person knew about things that they were unaware of!

“You wanted to meet Xing Li to sound her out?” Nian Xiaomu responded swiftly.

“Yeah.” Fan Yu’s lips curved upward as he nodded his head.

“However, so many years have passed. How are you so sure that you didn’t see or remember things wrongly?” Nian Xiaomu blinked her animated eyes and asked doubtfully.

Previously, Fan Yu had said that he did not remember a lot of things. Now, however, he managed to recall so many things all of a sudden.

She felt that something was amiss.

“Are you sure that you want to hear it from me?”

All of a sudden, Fan Yu straightened his body. Then, a devilish ray of light flashed past his gentle looking face.

Along with his handsome face, the arch at the corner of his lips turned more and more playful.

For some reason, it sent a chill down one’s spine and formed an ominous premonition.

She braced herself and replied, “Say it.”

“Follow me.” Fan Yu suddenly took a step forward and headed toward his study.

He took out the boxes that he had collected for years and placed them in front of Yu Yuehan. With a smile that resembled a fox that had prevailed, he said, “Here is the evidence. Both of you can take a look at it.”