The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 678

Chapter 678 A Gentleman Uses His Mouth And Not His Fist

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This was…

A sense of foreboding suddenly rose in Yu Yuehan’s heart when he captured the evil smile on Fan Yu’s face.

Just when he wanted to say something, Nian Xiaomu had already gone forward without thinking and reached out to open up the box before her.

She was instantly stunned by the assortment of items that filled her eyes.

Her expression turned complex as she stared at the items of different sizes.

After looking at the toys before her, she turned around and stared at Fan Yu with a confused gaze—it seemed like she couldn’t believe that Fan Yu actually had such a special “hobby.”

He was already an adult, yet he still loved to play with children’s toys. Furthermore, these toys were for girls…

It was no wonder that the sentence “You have seen everything—wouldn’t it be bad if you don’t take responsibility?” came off so naturally from him just now.

And so, he was gay.

My bad, my bad!

Before Nian Xiaomu could stop her inner thoughts from flowing, Fan Yu had already knocked on her forehead and said, “Clear all your thoughts from your mind now. Don’t you recognize whose toys these belong to?”

“A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist!” Nian Xiaomu was suddenly attacked for no good reason, and she reached out to press against her forehead. Then, she took a step backward hurriedly.

She stared vigilantly at Fan Yu.

Soon after, she curiously took a glance at the items in the box after she heard what he said.

What did he mean by not recognizing who these items belonged to?

Should she recognize them?

Nian Xiaomu stared blankly for a few seconds. All of a sudden, something flashed past her mind as she lifted her head up immediately and stared fixedly at Fan Yu.

Almost everything in the box was meant for girls. Could it be that…

“This doll used to be your favorite. You would always hug it to sleep and would not let go of it.” Fan Yu bent down and took out a toy.

With his tender and slender fingers, he stroked the toy that seemed to be extremely out of fashion.

The next second, he looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“I remember that apart from handsome brothers, you used to like this toy as well when you were young.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

We can only be good friends if you don’t mention handsome brothers!

“Do you remember this?” Fan Yu placed the doll down and picked up a beautiful snow globe; it seemed as if all the stars in the galaxy had landed in the snow globe as the liquid and light floated around.

It softened his handsome face and gentle eyes.

Fan Yu flashed a very gentle smile and said, “You gave me this as a birthday present. At that time, you stood behind the door for a very long time just to surprise me—your legs even went numb from standing for too long. Afterward, you kept on complaining to me and insisted that I carry you. I even massaged your legs for a long time…”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

She actually did something so romantic when she was young?

Could she have knocked out handsome brothers and dragged them home?

A chill went down Nian Xiaomu’s spine.

She turned around subconsciously. When she saw Yu Yuehan, who was standing behind her with a chilly gaze, she snapped back to her senses immediately.

Just when she was about to stop Fan Yu from speaking, he had already taken the initiative and placed the snow globe down.

Before she could catch a breather, he picked up a sketch. Just when he was about to open it up, Nian Xiaomu rushed up deftly and stopped him from doing so.

“No, no, we still have opportunities to talk about the past in the future. Didn’t you say that you wanted to show us the evidence? Where’s the evidence?”

Nian Xiaomu scanned the densely packed items in the box.

She totally could not figure out where Fan Yu had placed the aforementioned evidence.

However, she was distinctly aware that the iceberg behind her was about to turn into an ice mountain.

The type of ice mountain that could crush her to death!