The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Oh So Green The Grassland Of Natures Color

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“You loved to gift me things when you were young and did not act a single bit like a girl. You always said that you needed to treat me nicely so that I could become yours.” The moment Fan Yu uttered these sentences, the pressure in the study suddenly increased.

A chilly ray of light engulfed Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes.

A look of warning exuded from within.

If Fan Yu were to continue speaking, Yu Yuehan might just find an excuse to wallop him before he could prove that he did not have an indecent relationship with Xing Li.

Fan Yu collected his gaze—he knew when to stop.

He slowly took out a photo album from the box.

He first cast a glance at Yu Yuehan, then said unhurriedly, “This is the evidence.”

After Fan Yu finished speaking, he passed the photo album to Nian Xiaomu. As he raised the corner of his mouth, he gave her a kind reminder and said, “It’s best if you look at it by yourself.”


Brother, are you stirring trouble?!

He told her to look at it by herself in front of Yu Yuehan. Wasn’t Fan Yu treating him like an outsider by doing this?

Before he knew it, Nian Xiaomu had already taken the photo album and rushed toward Yu Yuehan eagerly.

Her chance to appease the iceberg had finally arrived!

Fan Yu had wanted her to view it by herself, but she brought the album over to Yu Yuehan without a second thought so that both of them could examine it together. This was some true love, right?

Yu Yuehan would surely not be jealous of Fan Yu now.

Nian Xiaomu plotted her plan gleefully in her mind. Afraid that Fan Yu would stop her and spoil her plans, she swiftly placed the photo album in front of Yu Yuehan and flipped it open.

Her body stiffened the moment she saw the first photo!

A pair of childhood friends appeared in the old and slightly yellowed photo.

They appeared to be in their teens and both of them looked extremely young.

As they stood side by side, the young boy even placed his hand on the young girl’s shoulder.

The young girl seemed to be very shy as she hid her face in his embrace and avoided the camera.

Only the young boy revealed his face in the photo—it was Fan Yu.

Needless to say, the “shy” young girl must be… her.

As if she had gotten an electric shock, Nian Xiaomu trembled all over when she saw the photo before her clearly!

Shrinking her neck, she turned around silently and took a glance at Yu Yuehan.

At this point in time, there was no longer any expression on his gorgeous face. With that face of profound mystery, it was impossible for someone to guess his thoughts.

“I did not like to be photographed all along. We can’t even see the face of the person in the photo. Perhaps that wasn’t even me…”

“It’s you,” Yu Yuehan answered coolly.

He pointed his long fingers at the picture frame on Fan Yu’s study desk.

It was an individual photo that showed her face clearly.

The dress in the individual photo was exactly the same as the dress in the group photo.

The evidence was irrefutable.

He had been cuckolded.

Furthermore, it was done 10 years ago…

“Yu Yuehan, I have forgotten everything from the past. You wouldn’t fuss over this, right?” Nian Xiaomu slammed the photo album shut.

The goddess was busy soothing her fiancé now—she was not in the mood to investigate the truth.

The fiancé was more important than the truth!

Fan Yu, however, continued to rejoice in her misfortune.

“I reminded you that you should view the photo album by yourself, but you wouldn’t listen.”

Nian Xiaomu turned around and glared at him when she heard this.

He must have done it on purpose!

If he had not said those words, she might have just taken a look at it herself first before deciding if she should show it to Yu Yuehan.

Since Fan Yu had said that, she had no choice but to show it to Yu Yuehan.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it make her seem like she had a guilty conscience?

However, her current situation was worse than having a guilty conscience.

Her relationship status could become single at anytime…

Just when Nian Xiaomu was feeling apprehensive about what she should say to appease him, Yu Yuehan said slowly, “Keep looking.”