The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Saying The Same Sentence Repeatedly

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Nian Xiaomu suddenly thought of this and spoke.

In that case, they could further affirm the fact that there were indeed two people who loved to follow her around.

Xing Li had done it because she detested her. What about the other girl then?

Why did she love to sneakily follow her around behind her back as well?

“Could it be Xing Fang?” Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at Yu Yuehan.

Xing Fang had witnessed her being taken away—perhaps this wasn’t a coincidence and was merely because she loved to follow her around…

“You’ll know everything after you find Xing Li and ask her,” Yu Yuehan collected his gaze and replied indifferently.

All the crucial points of their questions bounced back to Xing Li.

The most important thing to do now was to find Xing Li!

“Young Master Fan!” The butler appeared at the entrance of the study; he looked anxious and was still panting. “There are suddenly a lot of reporters outside. They said that they wanted to meet Xing Xing and interview her regarding Xing Li’s suicide…”

Fan Yu turned around immediately and asked in surprise, “What did you say?”

Since he didn’t even know that Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan had come to visit him, how did the reporters know about it?

Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes narrowed slightly.

As his gaze met Yu Yuehan’s, both of them said in unison, “Xing Li arranged this!”

Xing Li had set up a trap by intentionally appearing at Fan Yu’s private villa just to lure Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu over. She had calculated the exact time and released fake news of her suicide, then informed the reporters about it…

“It’s no wonder that she did not reject me directly over the phone—it wasn’t even her plan to meet me in the very first place. She said things like it wasn’t the right time, but she was actually waiting for the reporters to appear!” said Fan Yu as he gritted his teeth.

All of them had underestimated Xing Li.

Xing Li was an expert in pretending to be a weakling just to gain sympathy.

And now, the reporters outside were most likely waiting for Nian Xiaomu to appear so they could ask her how she had killed her biological sister before making it seem like a suicide.

“I don’t get it—If Xing Li merely wanted the reporters to misunderstand and think of me as a murderer, she could simply go into hiding and then release the photos. Why did she put so much effort into luring us to you?”

As Nian Xiaomu leaned against the table, she twisted her head and looked at Fan Yu.

She had never hidden any of her interactions with Fan Yu from Yu Yuehan; Xing Li could not wreck their relationship just from doing this.

It did not seem like she wanted to drag Fan Yu into this mess as well.

In addition, she told Fan Yu that it wasn’t the right time. What did she mean by this?

Was she simply waiting for the reporters or was she waiting for something else?

“Was her tone normal when you spoke to her on the phone at that time?” Nian Xiaomu asked with curiosity.

Fan Yu pondered over it for a few seconds and replied, “It was not normal, she was very agitated. When she learned that I had called her to inquire about the incident from that fateful year, she seemed to become really weird and kept on saying the same sentence repeatedly.”

“What did she say?” Nian Xiaomu clenched her fist.

“Why were all of you bewitched by her? I will prove to all of you that Xing Xing is a jinx! Anyone who goes near her will not have a good ending!” Fan Yu mimicked the tone that Xing Li had spoken with on that day and repeated the entire rant.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

A jinx.

Had Xing Li done all of this just to prove to Fan Yu that she was a jinx?

Or rather, was Xing Li hoping to influence everyone into thinking that she was a jinx?

When Nian Xiaomu related this to the speculation that Yu Yuehan had previously raised, a thought suddenly flashed past her mind, causing her to raise her head up with a swish.

“If Xing Li was really the one who accidentally started the fire that year and killed her own parents—I suspect that she has PTSD!”

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Xing Li had mental issues because she couldn’t face her parents’ deaths or face the fact that she was the main culprit in their demise!