The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Pay A Man Back In His Own Coin

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The things that Fan Yu had said to the reporters were all based on Nian Xiaomu’s instructions.

He had repeated the prepared lines word for word to the reporters.

Even though he did not explicitly call Xing Xing a jinx, the meaning behind his words expressed a similar concept; he had already assumed that she was the culprit who had caused the ruined state of the Xing Family and had also disassociated himself clearly from her.

Fan Yu had said, “It was simply out of compassion that I defended her previously. However, now that I look at it, I think I might have defended the wrong person. I might apologize to Xing Li if I get to meet her again.”

When Fan Yu said this sentence, he was in fact still wondering if Xing Li had simply treated them as clowns and would not show herself in the end.

However, after hearing Xing Li’s overcast voice sounding from the phone right now, he was finally convinced by Nian Xiaomu’s speculation.

Xing Li did not want to find the main culprit, she wanted justice to be returned to the Xing Family.

She merely wanted everyone to believe her words and think that Xing Xing was a jinx who had caused the deaths of everyone around her…

As the light in Fan Yu’s eyes changed, he gripped his cell phone tightly and said, “You’re here in the nick of time. I was deceived by Xing Xing previously, and it had never crossed my mind that she was someone like this. Come in first. I have a lot to tell you.”

Fan Yu gestured for the butler to receive her once he finished his sentence.

When he noticed that Xing Li did not reject his request, his dark brown eyes narrowed as he hung up the call.

He saw Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu coming down the moment he raised his head.

“Xing Li is really coming!”

This simple sentence caused the three of them to have a change in expression…

Fan Yu had a very huge private villa.

He was the only one in the living room when the butler brought Xing Li in.

As he stood in front of the French window with his handsome figure, he even held a glass of red wine in his hand.

He stared at the moonlight outside the window with a lonely and sorrowful gaze.

Even the hazy moonlight seemed to have been tainted by the loneliness he was emitting…

It was heart wrenching to simply cast a single glance at him from afar.

It made one have the urge to head forward and give him a hug or just a word of comfort.

Fan Yu turned around immediately when he heard the footsteps. When he saw that it was indeed Xing Li, his dark brown eyes flickered slightly. However, he soon contained the emotions behind his eyes.

“You are here.”

With a wave of his hand, he gestured for the butler to take his leave first and then shifted his gentle gaze toward Xing Li.

Xing Li was wearing a simple, yet elegant, dress; her long black hair was untied and covered half of her face.

Her wrist was revealed, and it appeared to be perfectly fine.

There wasn’t a single trace of a suicide attempt.

Those photos were indeed fake…

Fan Yu tightened his grip on his wine glass as his lips curled into a self-mocking smile.

“Other people only know that I love to look at the moon. However, do you know why I love moon gazing?”

“… Why?” Xing Li asked instinctively when she heard his question.

Even though she was trying her best to restrain her gaze from looking at Fan Yu, she could not hide the traces of admiration in her heart.

There were some things that she never had excessive expectations for.

She had told herself a million times that someone with a noble status like him would not fancy a disfigured woman.

She could not restrain her love toward him even though she clearly knew that he did not belong to her.

It was this kind of love that had taken root in her heart over 10 years ago…

However, the detestable fact was that he only had eyes for Xing Xing and had never taken a second glance at others!

“I love to look at the moon because someone once told me that no matter the distance, it would seem like the both of us were still together with each other as long as we both looked up and stared at the same moon…” Fan Yu’s voice was akin to a clear spring among the mountains as it rang beside her ears distinctly.

His voice was filled with magnetism and extremely pleasing to the ears.

It made one’s heart flutter.