The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Explosive Acting

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Xing Li wasn’t the only one who was stunned when she heard this.

Nian Xiaomu, who was hiding in a secret corner of the living room with Yu Yuehan, was shocked as well.

Even though Fan Yu did not clearly indicate who the person was who had said that phrase, Nian Xiaomu’s intuition told her that she was the one who had said it…

She wasn’t the only one who felt like this—the chilly air beside her told her that Yu Yuehan also had the same thoughts as her.

His face turned dark again!

“Wasn’t that person Xing Xing? You still can’t get over her?” Xing Li snapped back to her senses as the expression on her face became enraged.

She charged forward to Fan Yu with clenched fists.

“Didn’t you mention to the reporters that you have seen her true colors just now and that you would never believe her words? You even said that you wanted to apologize to me! You lied to me…”

“No!” Fan Yu interrupted her agitated words.

He gulped down the glass of red wine in one shot.

Then, he forcefully smashed the glass against the floor.

It shattered into many pieces.

His gentle eyes split open and revealed a ray of dangerous light.

“She chose Yu Yuehan even though I was so nice to her. Why would I feel attached to a woman like her? I just felt that it was ridiculous for me to have been thinking about her for so many years…”


As her eyes widened, it seemed that Xing Li herself had not expected to hear this from Fan Yu.

Trembling, she walked up to him with her slender figure.

Patting his shoulder gently, she muttered, “Everything is fine—it is not too late for you to recognize her true colors now. I hate her as much as you do! My parents might not have died if I had realized this sooner.”

“Am I very stupid?” Fan Yu turned around and looked at her with a perplexed gaze. “I knew her for so many years, but I actually failed to realize that she was genuinely a person like that. Furthermore, she refuses to admit that she is a jinx—she told me that someone had picked her up on the day of the fire at the Xing Family mansion and that you were the one who had set the fire.”

“… Did she really say this to you?” As Xing Li grasped her skirt forcefully with both her hands, she seemed to have recounted something that caused her face to turn ghastly pale in a second.

“It wasn’t me! She was uttering nonsense. She was clearly the cause of my parents’ deaths!”

Xing Li’s emotions went out of control suddenly.

She did not fake that malevolent expression of hers.

Fan Yu’s eyes darkened.

Reaching out, he grabbed her shoulders and said, “Don’t worry! I did not believe her words. I won’t believe anything she says—Xing Xing must have caused your parents’ deaths!”


“Calm down first. I just want to know if it is true that she was taken away that day?”

Fan Yu’s voice was very gentle.

In addition, it was very easy for one to lower their guard due to his usual image as a modest man.

When Xing Li heard his words, she appeared a little dazed as she nodded her head.

Soon after, she seemed to realize that she had disclosed something that she shouldn’t have, and she shook her head anxiously.

Fan Yu ignored her denial and asked straightforwardly, “Who else would take a jinx away when even the Xing Family didn’t want her? Were they her biological parents?”

“…” Xing Li held her tongue and shot him an uneasy look.

When Fan Yu caught the hint of hesitation behind her eyes, his voice deepened as he asked, “Don’t you trust me? I am the only one who believes you now. Xing Xing was merely a child that the Xing Family had adopted, so why did you have to address her as Miss?”

“She is the Miss of the Xing Family!” Xing Li retorted in a hurry. Soon after, she thought of something, and her expression darkened again as she continued, “Don’t ask about this. Let’s not talk about this…”

“Alright, we shall not talk about that. Tell me this first—who was the young girl who loved to secretly follow Xing Xing behind her back that year, just like you did?” Fan Yu continued asking.

Xing Li asked in surprise, “Are you referring to Xing Fang?”