The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 686

Chapter 686 The Truth Will Come Out Once Young Master Fan Put His Hands To It

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“Xing Fang?” Fan Yu’s eyes narrowed as a look of surprise showed in his dark brown eyes.

Again, it was a member of the Xing Family.

Apart from Liuliu, he did not take notice of other people at that time and overlooked a lot of matters.

He had always thought that their interactions were very discreet and that few people knew about it. It had never crossed his mind that not only did Xing Li know about it, but Xing Fang, who did not even reside in the Xing Family mansion, also knew about it a long time ago…

“That woman is as trashy as Xing Xing! She loved to stick around her ever since she was young. After my parents died, she was the only one who continued to speak up for Xing Xing—she isn’t some kind soul either!”

At the mention of Xing Fang, an unconcealable look of hatred appeared in Xing Li’s eyes.

“In that case, it seems like she was pretty nice to Xing Xing. Why did she tail her then?” Fan Yu pretended to ask inadvertently.

Xing Li laughed grimly when she heard his words.

“Perhaps she wanted to curry favor with Xing Xing. Everyone knew that my parents adored that jinx. All my uncles and aunts treated that jinx very nicely as well because they wanted to please my parents in order to get a larger allowance from them. However, they didn’t know that my parents would never let that jinx use anyone’s gifts—everything that Xing Xing used would be specially delivered to our house.”

Xing Li’s expression turned jealous when she spoke of this.

She was gnashing her teeth.

“Why wasn’t she content when she already had so much? Why did she still want to snatch my things? Those were my parents and that was my family! She shouldn’t have appeared in the very first place… My parents would not have died and my face would not have ended up in this state if not for her…”

Xing Li reached out to feel the side of her face that was full of scar tissue. Then, as she looked over at the extremely charming Fan Yu, a self-abased look flashed past her eyes.

“Yes, she shouldn’t have appeared and you would not have landed yourself in this state if not for her. However, why did you allow your parents to adopt her since you didn’t like her?”

Fan Yu tightened his grip on her shoulder silently as he tried to sound her out.

“Wasn’t Xing Xing an orphan? You mentioned that everything Xing Xing used would be specially delivered to your house. Who were the people who sent them? Were they her family members?”

“I don’t know. My parents forbade me from asking them. I complained about it, but my mother always said that Xing Xing had caused the Xing Family’s success and that we must all take good care of her. They would get angry if I continued to probe into it… They didn’t even care about me, they only cared about that jinx…”

Xing Li’s eyes turned red when she talked about this.

Both her fists were tightly clenched, and she appeared to be enduring everything in silence.

She was only a kid at that time.

She had merely wanted her parents’ love, but they only had eyes for Xing Xing and focused all of their attention on caring for Xing Xing.

She hated it.

She hated them for being biased and hated herself even more for being helpless.

However, everything was different now.

She had grown up, whereas Xing Xing had reappeared.

She would not await her doom stupidly this time around.

Xing Xing had ruined the Xing Family and had also caused her to end up in this state… She wanted Xing Xing to pay with her life!

“And so, someone had indeed fetched Xing Xing away before the fire that year. You knew that she would never return, and you were very happy about it. You thought that everything in the Xing Family would be returned to you and that no one would compete with you any longer for your parents’ love. However, you pondered over it and decided that you couldn’t take it lying down. As such, you went over to Xing Xing’s room and wanted to burn all the things that she had left behind. In the end, it did not cross your mind that you would knock over the fire pan and start a fire as a result…”

It seemed like Fan Yu was talking about an important matter as he spoke in a deep voice with an almost flat tone.