The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 687

Chapter 687 You Were The One Who Was In The Wrong

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He stared fixedly at Xing Li’s reaction.

All of a sudden, Xing Li’s expression turned ghastly pale from the moment he started to speak.

Her body tilted slightly as she kept on retreating backward…

“It was all because of Xing Xing—I would have not ended up like this if not for her… It wasn’t my intention to do it. She had stolen my parents and finally left—I merely wanted to erase every single trace of her existence that she had left behind! I don’t know how the fire started. It was already too late by the time I discovered it…”

As Xing Li recounted the fire from 10 years ago, she hugged her head with both hands and squatted down.

Fan Yu walked up and asked, “What happened afterward? Why didn’t you run away after the fire started to burn?”

‘”I did!” Xing Li raised her head with a whoosh. With red-rimmed eyes, she said, “I ran back to my room and took the picture frame of my entire family from my bedside. Just when I wanted to head downstairs, I discovered that my parents had rushed into Xing Xing’s room!”


“The fire was so big that it extended out of the room the moment the door was opened. I saw with my own eyes as the flames landed on my father’s body and engulfed him in no time. My mother wanted to save him and tried to extinguish the flames on him, but her body also caught on fire in the end…”

Xing Li pulled her hair forcefully with both hands as she choked back her tears.

“I shouted with all my might, but neither of them could hear me. Afterward, my mother finally saw me, but she forbade me from going forward. She shouted at me and told me to hurry and run away… I was completely shocked at that point, and I couldn’t move—I could only watch helplessly as my parents got killed in the fire…”

That fire was like a nightmare.

It burned everything to ashes.

The love from her parents as well as her family.

They were all gone.

All of a sudden, Xing Li stood up in agitation; her body tightened as vicious rays of light filled her eyes.

“It was all because of Xing Xing! It was all because of that jinx! Something like this would never have happened to the Xing Family if she did not come to our house! It was all because of her! My parents could not forget her even after she was gone—they knew that her room was on fire, but they still disregarded everything and rushed in… It was all because of Xing Xing that they died! I want Xing Xing to pay with her life!”

“You are wrong! You are the one who caused their deaths!” a furious voice roared from a secret corner of the living room.

Nian Xiaomu walked out.

Step by step, she walked up to Xing Li and met her astonished gaze.

“You knew very clearly that I had already been taken away on the day of the fire—your parents were the ones who had personally carried me to the car. How could they be unaware that I was no longer in the Xing Family mansion? The reason why they disregarded everything and rushed into my room when it caught on fire was because they knew that you were the only person left in the Xing Family mansion—you were the one that they risked their lives to save!”

Nian Xiaomu gritted her teeth fiercely.

She had never expected that Xing Li was indeed the one who had caused the fire 10 years ago, just like Yu Yuehan had speculated.

Xing Li had told the reporters a distorted truth and pushed all the blame on Nian Xiaomu when she obviously knew the true cause of the fire.

She made everyone think that Nian Xiaomu was a jinx and that Nian Xiaomu was the reason for the Xing couple’s deaths.

“Because of me?” Xing Li opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, she merely stared fixedly at Nian Xiaomu with bulging eyes.

She returned to her senses and broke down.

“Because of me… How could that be…”

Xing Li raised her head all of a sudden, rushed forward, and grabbed ahold of Nian Xiaomu’s shoulders.

“You’re talking nonsense! The Xing Family ended up in this state because of you—I want to kill you!”