The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Miss You Are Miss

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Before Yu Yuehan and Fan Yu could step forward, Nian Xiaomu had already turned around and tossed Xing Li to the ground with a shoulder throw.

She pressed Xing Li’s hands behind her back and said in a deep voice, “You were the one who caused the fire at the Xing Family mansion! You were the one who caused your parents’ deaths as well. You are the main culprit behind their deaths!”

“No! It wasn’t me! I didn’t cause their deaths! You are the one! You are the one!” Just like a lunatic, Xing Li hysterically screamed at Nian Xiaomu and struggled to get back on her feet.

Her eyes were bloodshot.

“Xing Xing, you were the one who landed me in this state, and I will not let you off. I want to tell everyone that you are a jinx, that anyone who goes near you will die. I want you to pay for my parents’ deaths with your life…”

Xing Li’s expression turned malicious.

As her gaze landed on Fan Yu, her expression changed and then she said, “You lied to me! You lied to me right from the start just to help this sl*t! None of you will have a good ending!”

Fan Yu strolled forward when he heard this.

Peeling his thin lips apart, he spoke with a pause after every word and said, “No one yet knows if we will have a good ending, but I can tell you that you certainly will not have a good ending. I have already called the police. Starting a rumor, slandering, spreading fake news, and causing widespread panic… With all of these criminal charges, it will be enough for a sentence to be passed on you. If you have time to cause harm to others, why don’t you think of how you will explain all of this to the judge!”

After Fan Yu finished speaking, police sirens sounded from outside the private villa.

Xing Li was held down by Nian Xiaomu and was unable to move. There wasn’t a single trace of fear on her face. Instead, she let out a mocking laugh.

“It’s useless—no one knows what happened that year except for me. As long as I don’t admit it, none of you will be able to prove that I was spreading rumors! I am going to stick with what I have said and tell the police that Xing Xing was the main culprit who caused my parents’ deaths. None of you can do anything to me, haha!”

“Indeed, we might not have been able to prove it prior to today. However, you have already provided me with the evidence just now.” As Fan Yu said that, he took a recording device out of his pants pocket.

He pressed the play/pause button.

Fan Yu’s entire conversation with Xing Li in the villa spilled out from the recording device.

With a curl of his lips, he said, “With this recording, we have enough evidence to send you to jail even if you don’t say anything!”

“All of you set me up!”

Xing Li panicked the moment she saw the recorder.

“I cannot go to jail—I have not avenged my parents yet. I want to kill Xing Xing! I want to kill Xing Xing…”

Her expression became strange.

Her entire body was twitching, and she seemed to have suffered a seizure.

Nian Xiaomu relaxed her grip on Xing Li and pulled her up from the ground.

Nian Xiaomu realized that Xing Li’s gaze had drifted while still repeating that she wanted to kill Xing Xing.

Very quickly, it changed to: “I didn’t do it on purpose. I never thought of killing mom and dad. I didn’t wish for this to happen…”

Nian Xiaomu bit her lip and said, “Xing Li, I can let you off. All you need to do is tell me who were the people who had taken me away that year. I will not sue you, and I will even plead for leniency on your behalf for all your acts of spreading rumors.”

Even though Nian Xiaomu had already somewhat felt from Xing Li’s conversation with Fan Yu that Xing Li might not know who the people were that had taken her away, Nian Xiaomu still harbored a glimmer of hope deep down in her heart.

What if Xing Li really knew who her biological parents were?

“The people who took you away…” All of a sudden, Xing Li quieted down as she tilted her head and stared fixedly at her.

“You are different from me. You are Miss.”