The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 690

Chapter 690 A Slap To The Face

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After Xing Fang finished her sentence, her gaze landed on Fan Yu, who was standing beside Nian Xiaomu. She was struck dumb.

She stared at him fixedly with wide eyes.

For a long while, she remained zoned out.

“Are the other members of the Xing Family around? I have something to ask them.” Nian Xiaomu walked up and took the initiative to speak.

When Xing Fang heard this, she withdrew in her gaze immediately and nodded lightly. “They are all around. When they heard that Young Master Han was coming, they did not even dare to take a nap and have been waiting for the arrival of both of you.”

As Xing Fang spoke, she took a glance at Yu Yuehan, who was standing behind Nian Xiaomu, and an unconcealable look of awe showed from within her eyes.

Yu Yuehan had an extremely gorgeous face.

A face that women could not resist; a face that would make every man jealous. As such, Xing Fang’s reaction was not surprising.

Very soon, she realized that she wasn’t on her best behavior, so she tilted her body immediately and allowed them to enter.

All the members of the Xing Family were waiting in the living room.

Initially, all of them were already a little anxious when they heard that Yu Yuehan had decided to return after he had left. Hence, they felt even more jittery when they saw that Fan Yu was here as well.

“Young Master Han, everything we said previously was the truth. From the beginning, we were unaware of the things that Xiao Li did. If we had known, we would have stopped her even if we hated Xing Xing. The Xing Family already has nothing to our name—we just hope that our family can live a peaceful life now.”

The second aunt of the Xing Family took the initiative and spoke up.

The Xing Family had practically nothing in their house—they already had difficulties living a smooth and steady life, let alone have the resources to challenge the Yu Family.

If this was not the case, they would not have denied that they hated Xing Xing and Xing Li would not have been the only one who exposed everything to the reporters.

It wasn’t because they did not want to do it, it was because they did not have the guts to do it!

“Young Master is not here to take revenge on the Xing Family—he just feels that there are some truths which you guys ought to know.” Before Yu Yuehan could speak, his assistant who had rushed over was already one step ahead and spoke first.

He played the recording of the conversation that Fan Yu had with Xing Li for everyone in the Xing Family to hear.

The members of the Xing Family had always held grudges against Xing Xing for setting the fire that caused the deaths of the Xing Family’s main pillar of support, which in turn landed the Xing Family in their current pathetic state.

It had never crossed anyone’s mind that they had hated the wrong person all along.

The main culprit of the fire wasn’t Xing Xing, but Xing Li, whom they had believed firmly without any doubt.

An uproar broke out in the living room once the recording was played.

Everyone was stunned except for Xing Fang.

The second uncle and aunt of the Xing Family who had personally raised Xing Li were so shocked that their mouths remained widely agape for a long while.

“Is this recording real? Was Xing Li really the culprit?” a random person in the living room suddenly asked.

Before the assistant could speak, Xing Fang had already taken a step forward.

“How could it be fake? Xing Li personally admitted this. I told all of you a long time ago that I saw Xing Xing being taken away by someone with my own eyes and that she couldn’t have set the fire. However, none of you believed me! You guys insisted that I saw it wrongly and believed firmly that Xing Xing was the main culprit.”

They had both human testimony and material evidence.

Even if they were reluctant, the members of the Xing Family had no choice but to admit that they had hated the wrong person for all these years.

Xing Li was the initiator of evil!

The person with the most awful expression was the second aunt of the Xing Family.

Having raised Xing Li personally, it had never crossed her mind that she was such a scheming person.

Next, she thought of the times that she had spoken rudely to Nian Xiaomu, calling her a jinx every now and then. Right now, the recording before her as well as Xing Fang’s testimony were akin to slaps that struck her face.

It was a painful burn.

Apart from the pain, she felt an extreme sense of terror as well.