The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 691

Chapter 691 The Queen's Strategy

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Not only was Xing Xing not a jinx, but she was also the fiancée of the top bachelor in City H—her current status was no longer the same as before.

Previously, they had a load of suppressed anger in their hearts and felt that Xing Xing owed them a lot. As such, it did not scare them even when they knew about her status. They only realized that they had been seeking death all along when the truth was now revealed…

The second aunt of the Xing Family shivered and turned around to look at Nian Xiaomu immediately.

“We have misunderstood you regarding the incident from that year. I will definitely lecture Xiao Li once she is home and have her apologize to you personally!”

“Xing Li spread malicious rumors and released fake news to slander others. She has already been taken away by the police. You guys might have to visit her in prison if you want to see her.” The assistant took a glance at the second aunt of the Xing Family and scoffed.

When the second aunt of the Xing Family heard this, her knees went wobbly and she nearly collapsed.

“Taken, taken away by the police…”

Apart from guilt, there was also terror in her eyes when she looked at Nian Xiaomu again.

She was afraid that she might also have to go to jail with just a single sentence from Nian Xiaomu!

Nian Xiaomu knew that the second aunt had misunderstood her intentions the moment she saw her expression. With a flicker of her animated eyes, Nian Xiaomu intentionally did not explain herself as she walked to the chair in front and sat down calmly.

She raised her head up lightly.

For some reason, the queenly aura that she emitted made one feel nervous.

“Xing Li only has herself to blame for her bad ending. The purpose of my visit today was simply to ask some questions, and I wasn’t planning on venting my anger on anyone. However, if anyone thinks that they can patronize me just by making some false statements, the consequences would be…”

Nian Xiaomu suddenly paused in the middle of her words.

She gradually swept her chilly gaze over each and every member of the Xing Family.

Everyone present shuddered when they sensed the look of warning in her eyes.

The second uncle was the first to speak up and said, “No, we would not, we would not. The reason why we had enmity against you previously was because we had misunderstood you—we won’t hide anything from you now that we are aware of the truth.”


Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes when she heard what he said.

Restraining the anxiousness in her heart, she moved her cherry lips and said, “I was sent to the Xing Family right after I was born, hence all of you had misunderstood and thought that I was a biological daughter of the family. Did my adoptive parents ever mention my place of birth to any of you?”

She might be able to track her family background if she could find out her place of birth.

“This…” Standing at the very front, the second uncle hesitated when he heard Nian Xiaomu’s question and then turned around to look at the second aunt.

The second aunt was stunned as well and turned around to look at the others.

Everyone revealed a similar expression of confusion as they stared at one another. So many years had passed that even if they had once inquired about it, they might have already forgotten about it.

No one would pay special attention to this matter since a baby would usually be born in a hospital.

Nian Xiaomu bit her lip and continued asking, “Since I stayed with the Xing Family for so many years, didn’t any of you feel that it was weird for my adoptive parents to be so nice to me?”

Everyone, including Fan Yu and the members of the Xing Family, told her that the Xing couple were exceptionally nice to her.

Xing Li had also made many mistakes because of the favoritism that the Xing couple had shown toward Nian Xiaomu.

Since everyone was aware of their unusual behavior, didn’t anybody question the Xing couple?

“At that point in time, all of us thought that you were the biological child of the Xing Family. Even though we had complained that elder brother and his wife were too biased toward you, they did not treat Xing Li badly either. In addition, the two of them were the Xing Family’s main pillar of support when they were still alive, so all our livelihoods were dependent on the husband and wife couple. If we ever mentioned our opinions one or twice, but they decided not to listen, then we would not dare to comment much further about it.”