The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 692

Chapter 692 The Popular Young Master Fan

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The second uncle of the Xing Family awkwardly said that in reply.

Their eldest brother had been the one who financed the whole family. All of them could live a good life back then due to the material assistance provided by their eldest brother and sister-in-law.

They could only provide some suggestions and could not comment much even if they saw that their eldest brother and sister-in-law were biased toward their youngest daughter.

An obvious look of disappointment flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s face, but she maintained her cool and asked, “Did you guys know the people who had taken me away that year?”

After she spoke, all of them turned around and looked at Xing Fang.

This time around, the third uncle of the Xing Family beat the second uncle to the punch and said, “We really don’t know about this—all of us had assumed that you were dead after you were nowhere to be found at the scene of the fire. You had caused the deaths of your parents and been burned to mere ashes. We thought that you deserved it and hence no one thought much about it. We only learned that you were alive after Xing Li made a mess out of things, let alone know that you had been taken away. ”

The third uncle of the Xing Family paused and then continued speaking, “It’s true that after the fire from 10 years ago, Xing Fang did mention that you were not the one who started the fire because she saw with her own eyes that someone had already taken you away. However, she was merely a kid at the time, so we totally did not believe her words. We even thought that she wanted to defend and exculpate you because she had a decent relationship with you ever since both of you were young—I even gave her a few beatings because of this matter!”

The third uncle of the Xing Family blushed with shame as he spoke.

Reaching out, a unconcealable look of regret could be seen in his eyes as he rubbed his nose.

He had not believed his biological daughter and instead put his trust in Xing Li the lunatic.

When Nian Xiaomu heard this, she shot a complex look at Xing Fang.

She appreciated Xing Fang for defending her.

However, she remembered that based on the old photo that Fan Yu had found and on Xing Li’s statement, Xing Fang used to discreetly follow her around in the past.

This was the reason why Xing Fang happened to see someone take Nian Xiaomu away.

It wasn’t coincidental like Xing Fang had claimed it to be.

“Speaking of which, I was at fault too.” As Xing Fang met Nian Xiaomu’s gaze, which seemed to see through all the lies, a look of guilt swept past her eyes.

She grasped her skirt nervously.

A long while later, she finally spoke up and said, “Since Young Master Fan is here, you should already know that I used to follow you around when I was young…”

Reaching out, Xing Fang brushed her long hair with her hands as an extremely mature look flashed past her delicate looking face.

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes flickered slightly as she asked, “Do you like Fan Yu?”

“I am not a match for him.” Xing Fang took a glance at Fan Yu and lowered her eyelids in a self-deprecating manner. As she twisted the ends of her shirt with her fingers, she said, “Furthermore, I did not have such thoughts at that point in time. The reason why I followed you around was because eldest uncle and aunt loved you dearly. If I was on good terms with you, they would also shower me with love. In turn, they would treat my family better…”

All the members of the Xing Family had depended on the Xing couple to provide for them.

Ever since she was young, Xing Fang had watched as her parents complied and submitted to the Xing couple.

There was a period of time when the Xing couple held a much better attitude toward their family just because she had gotten a little closer to Xing Xing.

A child’s heart was very sensitive even though Xing Fang was still young at that time.

After that, she loved to follow Xing Xing around and would please her by finding out the things that she liked just so the Xing couple could shower her with more love.

It did not cross her mind that she would accidentally discover that Xing Xing often slipped out to play with a little boy.

She definitely did not expect the little boy from that year to be Young Master Fan, a person with an established name in the business industry.

She did not mention this at the beginning because she felt that her thoughts from back then were too despicable.