The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 696

Chapter 696 I Dont Mind A Born Actor

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Gradually, they no longer held out hope since even now, Mr. Cardi had yet to reappear.

Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes flickered as he opened his mouth and asked, “And so, this means that Mr. Cardi disappeared three years ago?”

Everyone in the living room turned around in unison and glanced in his direction when they heard his voice.

They came back to their senses and replied to him immediately.

“Yes, it happened three years ago. We would never remember such a thing wrongly.” The second uncle of the Xing Family was the first to reply.

Three years ago…

As Nian Xiaomu’s animated eyes flickered, she seemed to understand Yu Yuehan’s intention behind his question.

She just so happened to get injured three years ago and had been found by Tan Bengbeng near a hospital…

In addition, if someone had already taken her away before the fire started at the Xing Family mansion, then what was with her memory of a fire?

Who was the one in her dreams that screamed at her to run away?

She had gotten injured and lost her memory that year—was the missing Mr. Cardi related to this in any way?

Countless questions swarmed into her mind.

Nian Xiaomu felt a little exhausted.

All of a sudden, the words that Tan Bengbeng used to tell her rang beside her ears.

“Humans always love to cling to things that can neither be seen nor touched, but they forget that it’s most important to treasure the moment. It cannot be helped if some things are forgotten, and it might just be fate since you can’t remember them.”

She was just as desperate to find her family members back then when she first regained consciousness in the hospital.

Tan Bengbeng had tried for ages to enlighten her until she finally decided to accept the situation and move on.

It was Xing Li’s appearance that had reignited Nian Xiaomu’s thoughts of her family members.

Nian Xiaomu had always hoped that she could find her biological parents and clarify everything that had happened.

Why was she placed in the care of the Xing Family in the first place if she wasn’t abandoned?

Who were the people who had taken her away? Where was she sent to?

Why was she found with multiple injuries by Tan Bengbeng three years ago…

“You don’t have to be in a rush to think about the things that you can’t figure out.” Yu Yuehan seemed to sense that her emotions were not in the right place. Reaching out, he covered her eyes and pulled her into his embrace.

His low voice seemed to have the power to keep everything in place.

“Let’s head home first. We shall go to the police station to ask Xing Li about this tomorrow morning.”

After he finished his words, he held Nian Xiaomu by the hand and left the Xing Family’s courtyard house.

Yu Yuehan drew Nian Xiaomu into his embrace the moment they got into the car. Just when he was about to close the car door, a figure suddenly followed suit and boarded the car.

“Liuliu, we happen to be heading in the same direction. Could you give me a ride?” Fan Yu ignored the hint of anger in Yu Yuehan’s body as he directed his gentle eyes straight at Nian Xiaomu.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes grew solemn when he heard this.

Reaching out, he squeezed Nian Xiaomu’s waist and gestured to her with his actions; this meant that if she dared to agree to Fan Yu’s request, she would not get a chance to sleep tonight.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Young Master Han, did you know that you look childish when you are jealous?

However, Nian Xiaomu still cooperated with him just so she could get a good night’s sleep. Clearing her throat, she asked, “Umm, don’t you have a car? Isn’t it more convenient for you to drive yourself back?”

Still, Fan Yu had been a great help to her, so it didn’t seem right if she directly refused to simply give him a ride back.

Instead, Nian Xiaomu rejected him in a tactful manner.

It was unknown if Fan Yu truly did not understand the meaning behind her words or if he was pretending not to understand her when he sat beside her straightforwardly and said, “It’s so dark now that I am afraid to drive on my own. It’ll be much safer if you guys send me back.”

Yu Yuehan: “…!!”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Oh please! No one would believe that Young Master Fan, a well-known figure in the business industry, was afraid of the dark!

Fan Yu continued, “I also wouldn’t mind if the two of you bring me home.”