The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 7

Chapter 7: She certainly has the gall!

That feeling of immediately facing death was too strong, so much so that Nian Xiaomu's heart skipped a beat.

As she sought comfort from within her heart, she braced herself and trudged forward heavily. It was as though her legs were filled with lead.

Her outfit today was very formal, unlike the T-shirt and jeans getup from yesterday.

She even put on a mature makeup look to emphasize her professionalism.

He might not even remember her since they merely bumped against each other yesterday...

"Young Master, this is Nian Xiaomu. She is coincidentally from the same school as Fang Zhenyi," the butler explained hurriedly upon noticing Yu Yuehan's fixated stare at Nian Xiaomu.

"Oh, really?" Yu Yuehan replied nonchalantly.

His ghastly, cold stare swept across her face, just like a laser scanning its target object.

Except for Nian Xiaomu, nobody could figure out what he meant by those two simple words.

He had certainly recognized her.


She had literally offered herself to the person whom she had just offended. It was all over for her this time.

However, Nian Xiaomu was not the only anxious being.

Just a moment ago, her nose was still up in the air with a hint of assured victory. Upon noticing Yu Yuehan's unwavering gaze on Nian Xiaomu, with none left for her, Fang Zhenyi instantly went into panic mode.

Nian Xiaomu had an appearance that most men would find irresistible, and Fang Zhenyi knew this.

But... having made it to the last round after so much difficulty, she knew that she mustn't lose it here!

Especially not to Nian Xiaomu!

Tightening her fists, Fang Zhenyi looked up abruptly and replied, "You might have misunderstood, butler. I might come from the same school as Nian Xiaomu, but we are definitely not the same."

"What do you mean?" The butler panicked upon hearing this unexpected remark.

Yu Yuehan's gaze finally shifted away from Nian Xiaomu's face and landed on Fang Zhenyi.

She was finally the focus of the crowd. Fang Zhenyi was feeling both excited and nervous at the thought of this.

Flashing her best smile at Yu Yuehan, Fang Zhenyi slowly commented, "Speaking of which, I was indeed classmates with Nian Xiaomu, but if my memory did not fail me, she only completed half of her nursing course."


Like a huge slab of rock shattering the peaceful surface of a lake, this simple sentence also held the same level of impact on the crowd.

The waves were instantly aroused.

Everyone present understood clearly the meaning behind those words.

Since Nian Xiaomu did not complete the course, how did she obtain her nursing certificate?

This meant that she had used a fake certification for this interview at the Yu Family. She certainly had the gall!

"What did you say? Repeat it!" The butler came back to his senses with a sunken, solemn face.

He immediately ordered the validation of Nian Xiaomu's nursing certificate.

"I did not intend to disclose this as Nian Xiaomu was my classmate, but at the same time, I worry for Little Miss... If she is not properly taken care of, her wounds would..." Fang Zhenyi trailed off, leaving the rest of her words to the imagination of the crowd.

The meaning between the lines was far more vicious than directly implying that Nian Xiaomu did not possess nursing knowledge!

The butler's face darkened immediately.

"Nian Xiaomu, explain yourself. Is it true that you only completed half of the nursing course?"

"..." Nian Xiaomu had a bad feeling the moment she heard Fang Zhenyi speak up.

However, Nian Xiaomu was unexpectedly at peace after hearing these accusations toward her.

"Yes," she simply replied.

Before the butler had a chance to erupt in anger, Nian Xiaomu shifted her clear, pure gaze back to the butler and replied, "Indeed, I have only completed half the course, but I did not lie to anybody."

"How dare you persist in your lies despite using a fake certification for the interview..."

Before the butler could finish with his accusations, someone to the side exclaimed, "I can't believe it! Her certificate is indeed real!"