The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 70

Chapter 70: What exactly was she planning to do?

Double her salary?

Nian Xiaomu's eyes widened!

She lifted her fingers and counted immediately. The salary at the Yu Family was already much higher than the market price. If it was doubled...

Nian Xiaomu's eyes sparkled in an instant.

She seemed to visualize herself free from debts and embarking on a bright future!

However, she wilted the next second.

Indeed, she knew how to play the piano, but she had not played for ages.

The library of musical scores in her brain was empty; forget about playing better than Cheng Caimei, she could not even play a complete tune right now.

How could she win like this?

Nian Xiaomu's head drooped. She wanted to tell Yu Yuehan that she could not do it, but he simply did not give her a chance to do so and had the waiter lead her up to the stage.

Nian Xiaomu stood up, prepared to face death with equanimity. She walked up the stage with heavy steps.

She sat down in front of the piano and stared at the black and white keys before her.

Her palms were full of perspiration.

"Could a nurse really play better than a professional pianist?" asked someone who couldn't help but ridicule.

"To be honest, I reckon that everyone present here knows how to play the piano. However, I have reached the conclusion that I could not play the tune that Miss Cheng performed just now due to its high level of difficulty."

"President Chen, are you supporting Miss Cheng?"

"I am just judging the matter as it stands!"

Bits and pieces of discussion erupted from the ballroom.

Nian Xiaomu was already lacking in confidence from the beginning. After breaking out in a cold sweat, she felt very weak...

She took in a big breath and forced herself to stay focused.

The next second, she noticed that the musical score had been left behind on the piano by Cheng Caimei. A gleam of light flashed past her eyesshe had an idea!

Everyone was stunned for a while after they heard sounds playing from the piano.

"Is she crazy? She is actually playing the same tune as me?" Cheng Caimei came back to her senses and was the first to speak up.

Cheng Caimei's eyes were filled with disbelief.

She was very cognizant of the high level of difficulty of this tune.

Even for herself, she only had the courage to play it in front of others after she had practiced consecutively for nearly a month.

Even so, she had still made a mistake just now; she was lucky that she had managed to make up her mistake in time and that this error was hard for those who were lower in level to notice.

How could Nian Xiaomu, who was just a nurse and only knew how to change medical dressings, have the time to practice the piano?

It was akin to suicide if she played this tune without prior practice!

Cheng Caimei was not alone. Yu Yuehan, who had not said a single word or made any movement all this while, also could not help but raise his eyebrows when he heard Nian Xiaomu playing this tune.

His deep and soulful eyes stared with fixation at the beautiful silhouette on the stage.

A look of confusion swept past his eyes.

What exactly was she planning to do?

When the tune played, everyone's gazes were concentrated on the stage.

As she sat in front of the piano, Nian Xiaomu's fair and tender fingers jumped back and forth over the black and white keys. Her fingers looked like freely dancing fairies.

Her agile fingers combined with the pleasant tune as well as her outstanding and beautiful appearance...

The way she sat there was like a pleasing set of scenerynothing more beautiful could be imagined.

The difficulty was all toward the end of the tune.

The pianist needed to concentrate with all her attention due to the fast tempo.

Compared to Cheng Caimei, who played with one strong beat, one weak beat, and only barely followed the score, Nian Xiaomu's performance was more natural and smooth.

A picture scroll seemed to have pulled open before everyone with a fairy dancing to the music on the picture scroll.

It was aesthetically beautiful and moving...

The entire ballroom fell silent.

The sounds of discussion had unknowingly disappeared.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched Nian Xiaomu's performance on the stage, unable to take their eyes off of it. Their hearts seemed to have been clutched by her performance as her hands halted to a stop.

They had unknowingly experienced the four types of human emotions, namely: happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, from the other side of the universe along with her music...