The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 700

Chapter 700 A Competition Between Father And Daughter

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Before she could finish speaking, she saw that the light in his eyes had dimmed significantly and that his gaze had a tinge of disappointment in it.

Nian Xiaomu’s heart tightened, and she corrected herself immediately.

“Actually, I think that it is pretty romantic too.”

She wished that she could give herself a slap the moment she finished speaking.

Nian Xiaomu, where’s your resolve? Where’s your integrity?

She actually threw all of that away just to appease the iceberg.

Yu Yuehan obviously did not notice that a particular someone was struggling with her inner thoughts. The moment he heard that she liked it, he lowered his eyes immediately and asked, “Shall we do it one more time?”

Do it one more time…

Nian Xiaomu’s body trembled, and she threw herself into his embrace without another word.

“Not doing it, not doing it! It’s already so late—Xiao Liuliu will be scared if she’s alone. Let’s go back quickly and accompany her!”

Yu Yuehan asked, “Didn’t you say that Xiao Liuliu must learn to be independent since she is already three years old?”

Nian Xiaomu answered, “I regret saying this. She’s still a baby even though she is three years old—what’s with learning to be independent? Xiao Liuliu needs her daddy and mommy! Let’s hurry and go home!”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she dragged Yu Yuehan toward the exit of the amusement park at lightning speed.

Her entire mind was filled with thoughts of bringing him out of this place.

She did not notice the loving look in the eyes of the person behind her.

After Nian Xiaomu got into the car and ensured that she would not go on another “drop” again, she dove into his embrace.

However, this time around, she tossed and turned without being able to fall asleep.

A hint of fear lingered in her heart.

She was afraid that she would wake up and find herself hanging in midair if she fell asleep…

Vroom… The car arrived at the Yu Family villa.

Nian Xiaomu opened her eyes groggily. Just when she wanted to reach out and push open the car door, Yu Yuehan had already pushed it open.

He carried her in his arms and got out of the car.

Xiao Liuliu was already asleep since it was very late.

The cuddly little ball was lying flat on the sofa as she hugged her favorite piglet toy.

Her delicate little face still had some baby fat.

Her lips were pouting as she slept with her head tilted; it seemed like she was waiting for someone to kiss her, which made her look exceptionally adorable.

“Xiao Liuliu…” The moment Nian Xiaomu saw her precious little darling, she got out of Yu Yuehan’s arms and walked toward her.

When Nian Xiaomu reached out to touch her darling’s tiny face, she turned around and asked the butler, “Why didn’t you bring her back to her room to sleep?”

“Little Miss was unwilling to do so. She said that you were not in a good mood and wanted to wait for you to come home…” The butler was in the middle of his explanation when the tiny person on the sofa seemed to sense something.

Sniffing with her tiny nose, she clenched her small fat fist. Just like a kitten that was curled up in a ball, she rubbed her eyes.

She broke into a smile when she saw the people in front of her clearly with her big, wide eyes.

She dove into Nian Xiaomu’s embrace and said, “Hug me, Mommi!”

Like a spoiled kid, she spoke in a childish voice.

She pushed the piglet toy in her arms toward Nian Xiaomu as well.

“Will Mommi be happier if Xiao Liuliu and Baby Piglet accompany you?”

“…” Nian Xiaomu was stunned.

Looking at the piglet toy in her hand, she recalled the butler’s words just now and felt her heart stir.

She pulled Xiao Liuliu forcefully into her embrace.

She lowered her head and kissed Xiao Liuliu on her little face.

“Mommy isn’t sad. With Xiao Liuliu around, Mommy will no longer be sad even if Mommy can’t find her family members.”

Yu Yuehan was right—everything would pass. He and Xiao Liuliu were the people who mattered the most to her right now!

With her hair tied into two little buns, Xiao Liuliu tilted her tiny head and asked seriously, “Really?”

Nian Xiaomu replied without any hesitation, “Yes, really.”

The next second, the cuddly little ball before her flashed a crafty smile like a baby fox and asked, “Then can Xiao Liuliu sleep with Mommi tonight?”

Yu Yuehan: “…!!”