The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 701

Chapter 701 Xiao Liuliu You Were Not Like This In The Past

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Yu Yuehan had never imagined that he could beat a well-matched opponent like Fan Yu, but still lose to a baby in the end.

When he saw from Nian Xiaomu’s expression that she was on the verge of crying, he could already predict that he would have almost no chance of winning if he rejected Xiao Liuliu’s request now.

He could also get crowded out by the mother and daughter pair and land himself in the pathetic state of spending his night on a sofa…

As such, he nodded his head readily when Nian Xiaomu turned around to ask him for his opinion.

He took the initiative to walk forward and carry the tiny cuddly ball up from the sofa.

However, he did not head upstairs immediately.

As he sat down on the sofa, he placed Xiao Liuliu on his thighs and squeezed her adorable little face.

Then, he opened his mouth slowly and asked, “Xiao Liuliu, do you still remember the presents that you wanted to prepare for your younger siblings?”

“…” Xiao Liuliu looked a little confused and did not seem to not understand why her Daddi suddenly asked her this question.

She nodded her head obediently.

She remembered it.

Butler Grandpa had helped her to store those presents and said that they did not have an expiration date.

When Yu Yuehan saw that she had nodded her head, he stroked her hair lovingly and asked, “Then do you want to have a younger sibling soon?”

“Yes!” Xiao Liuliu answered swiftly this time around.

Her big and wide eyes glistened instantly.

Anticipation filled her jet black eyes.

When Yu Yuehan caught sight of this, he already felt that he had the game in his hands even though his expression remained calm and collected.

He kept his cool and opened his mouth slowly.

“You must learn how to sleep on your own if you want a younger sibling, just like how you did in the past. You can do it, right?”

“…” A stunned look appeared on Xiao Liuliu’s rosy little face.

She did not seem to understand the connection between wanting a younger sibling and sleeping on her own.

She only raised her tiny face after pondering for a while.

“I’ll sleep on my own tomorrow then—I shall sleep with Mommi tonight!”

As she said this, she slipped her tiny body down from Yu Yuehan’s thigh and ran over to Nian Xiaomu. Holding hands, the two of them ran upstairs happily.

A dumbstruck Yu Yuehan was left behind.

He had never expected that he would end up like this…

Were three year old kids so tough to lie to nowadays?

It was said that a daughter is the apple of her father’s eye. However, why wasn’t that the case for him?

Xiao Liuliu, you were not like this in the past…

With a long face, Yu Yuehan was just about to head upstairs when the butler suddenly walked up to him and reported, “Young Master Han, the Tang Corporation seems to have encountered some sort of problem.”

“…” Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks and frowned slightly.

He turned around and looked at the butler.

The butler explained hurriedly, “We just received news that President Tang has not been in the office for quite a number of days already and that no one in the Tang Family can find him. As a result, all of them are now threatening to hold a board of directors meeting to replace the president.”

Yu Yuehan narrowed his dark eyes and replied, “Tang Yuansi would not disappear without a good reason. Have you investigated his whereabouts?”

“We’ve investigated, but…” The butler held his tongue, then spoke up immediately after he met Yu Yuehan’s displeased gaze and continued, “He is in the hospital. Furthermore, according to the information we have obtained, President Tang has in fact been in an unconscious state during the time that he was missing. Nobody knows what happened, and we only know that he had instructed his men not to disclose any news before he fell unconscious.”


A complicated streak of light flashed past Yu Yuehan’s chilly and handsome face.

Reaching out, he grabbed the jacket that he had just taken off and put it back on again. “Prepare the car to go to the hospital now.”

The butler snapped back to his senses and instructed for the car to be driven over immediately.