The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Ding Vicious Tongue Han Is Here

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Silence and chilliness penetrated the hospital late at night.

Yu Yuehan knitted his good looking eyebrows due to the smell of disinfectants floating in the air.

The long design of Yu Yuehan’s jacket elongated his tall and slender body.

Just like Chinese landscape paintings that were solely painted with ink, a chilly feeling and a hint of nobility seeped through his perfect facial features.

He walked down the corridor and headed toward a VIP ward.

Two bodyguards were already anxiously looking in his direction before he had even reached the entrance.

They looked slightly astonished when they recognized him.

Just when they wanted to say something, they thought of their boss’s instructions.

They could only perform their duties as they explained, “Young Master Han, very sorry about this. It isn’t visiting hours right now, and our boss is not accepting any visitors either.”

“Is Tang Yuansi intending to let me plan his funeral after he dies?” As Yu Yuehan replied in a chilly voice, he looked at the bodyguards who did not even dare to address Tang Yuansi as “President Tang” and simply called him “boss.”

The facial expressions of the two bodyguards by the door changed immediately.

They stammered and did not know what to say.

The one before them was Young Master Han, the person in all of City H who had the most power to induce fear in everyone’s hearts.

Apart from Nian Xiaomu and Xiao Liuliu, no one had ever seen his gentle side. Instead, the “funeral” that came out of his mouth the moment he started speaking was a better match to his style.

Yu Yuehan took a glance at the indecisive bodyguards. Just when he was about to send his men to drag them away, the door to the ward suddenly opened from the inside.

Tang Yuansi’s assistant, who had been following him all along, stepped out from within.

The moment he saw Yu Yuehan, he greeted him respectfully and said, “Young Master Han, President Tang has woken up. He is inviting you to come in.”


It seemed that he had awakened at the right time.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered as he strolled in with pursed lips.

The spacious VIP suite was very comfortable and clean.

Apart from a hospital bed, there were many medical devices as well.

Beep, beep.

Just as Yu Yuehan wanted to walk in, he heard this sound. Lifting his chin, his gaze landed on the utterly pale Tang Yuansi who lay in the hospital bed.

No one would have expected that Tang Yuansi, who had appeared perfectly fine not long ago, would look like he had been sucked dry of blood within a mere 10 day period.

He lay withered on the hospital bed.

Deep exhaustion lurked in the heavy bags under his eyes.

He was also wearing an oxygen mask.

Tang Yuansi, who had been lying motionless, let out a self-mocking smile and reached out to remove his oxygen mask when he saw that Yu Yuehan had entered the ward.

“I never expected that you would be the first person to find me.”

“I never expected that instead of accompanying my fiancée to bed, I would come to this eerie place in the middle of the night to check if you were dead.” Pulling out a chair, Yu Yuehan sat down and scanned the room.

His gaze landed on the medical record that was hanging at the side of the bed.

He narrowed his eyes and reached out for the medical record soon after.

He had accidentally found out a long time ago that Tang Yuansi had a type of heart disease.

However, Yu Yuehan was not aware that Tang Yuansi’s heart disease was such a serious matter until he discovered that Tang Yuansi had forcefully pushed Shangxin into the arms of other men even though he obviously loved her.

He only knew at that time that Tang Yuansi’s condition was a lot worse than what he thought it was.

Every time the disease flared up, it could be his last.

Just like now…

“Your condition is no longer optimistic. Why didn’t you let the members of the Tang Family know?” Yu Yuehan asked in a low voice.

He had retrieved the medical record so quickly that Tang Yuansi could not stop him in time.

He had already regained the composure in his gaze when he heard what Yu Yuehan said.

With a slightly hoarse voice, he spoke with pauses between his words and said, “Wait for a while longer. Just a few more days will be enough…”

Wait for a few more days?

What was he waiting for?