The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 703

Chapter 703 I Wish To Negotiate A Deal With You

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Yu Yuehan frowned and pondered deeply for a moment before saying, “I heard that Shangxin just took up an assignment and will be heading overseas for the shoot. Are you waiting for her to leave?”

“…” Tang Yuansi’s silence meant assent.

Now that things had ended up in this state, it did not matter if he was still willing to put in effort or if he simply gave up.

He did not regret pushing her away because he knew very clearly that the two of them would not have a future together.

He only regretted not controlling himself and taking her for his own on the night that he drank too much.

Some things would not allow any room for turning back once they were started.

Even though he had forced himself to ignore her, he couldn’t help but to ask around about her since he was afraid that she would suffer in the entertainment industry.

He knew very clearly that as time passed, she would forget about him if he stayed away from her.

However, all his previous efforts would go down the drain the moment he heard that she was in danger. He wished that he could appear in front of her within a second…

He thought that he still had time.

He had assumed that perhaps fate would not be too cruel to him if he was willing to give it a shot.

At the moment that he witnessed her turning around in a fit of anger, he chased after her without any hesitation—he would have caught up to her in a few minutes’ time.

He wanted to tell her that a young girl had been staying in his heart ever since he saw her for the very first time when he was young.

He wanted to let her know how much he enjoyed it when she called him “Brother Xiaosi.”

The only regret of his entire life was that he had not fulfilled his promises to her; he had said that he would protect her and be someone that she could lean on forever…


“I wish to negotiate a deal with you.” As Tang Yuansi propped both his hands on the bed, he sat upright with difficulty and opened his mouth slowly.

His voice sounded very hoarse, and he did not sound like someone his age.

Leaning against the headboard, he stared fixedly at Yu Yuehan and spoke with a pause between every word.

“I’ll exchange all the shares that I have of the Tang Corporation for your promise. You don’t have to do anything now, but you must help me protect her if she needs it in the future.”

This was the only thing he was worried about…

Without him around, it would be too dangerous for his Xin’er to stay in City H alone.

The only thing he could do was to ensure her safety.

He would not have any regrets in his entire life as long as she could live in bliss.

“Medical science nowadays is rapidly improving. Is there really no more hope?” Yu Yuehan’s dark eyes flickered as he frowned slightly.

Tang Yuansi’s heart disease had been with him ever since he was born.

However, he had managed to pull through for all these years.

Perhaps there would be hope for treating his illness in a few years when there were more advancements in medical science.

When Tang Yuansi heard this, he shook his head slightly. There was no fear of death in his eyes, only a look of peace.

“I have never told you about Shangxin’s identity, but you should have guessed it by now. She is the only daughter of the Shang Family, one of the top three families in City S—Shang Muxin.”

He was merely a kid that was abandoned in the orphanage at that time.

Afterward, he happened to be adopted by Yan Chengchi, the big boss of the business industry at that time and became the adoptive son of the Yan Family.

Yan Chengchi did not have any other hobbies, but happened to be someone who loved daughters.

His biggest hobby is to steal away the daughter of his best friend, Shang Lingsi.

He often brought the young Shang Muxin to the Yan Family.

The two of them became the best of childhood playmates as time went by.

Yan Chengchi treated Tang Yuansi very well even though he was an adoptive son of the Yan Family. Otherwise, Tang Yuansi would not have been able to survive until adulthood given the condition of his health.

Needless to say, all of his abilities to overturn the business industry were personally taught to him by Yan Chengchi.

Why would Tang Yuansi drag out his illness to this day if it could be treated…

Apart from wanting to take a look at the family members who had abandoned him, another reason why he had agreed to return to the Tang Family was to stay further away from her.