The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Ex Husband

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As time passed, she would soon forget about him. In addition, the survival of an unimportant person in her life would not sadden her too much either.

She could continue to stay in the Shang Family and be the carefree Eldest Miss.

However, he had never expected that she would follow him to City H.

She adopted a stage name and entered the modeling industry.

She made unflagging efforts to stay by his side…

No one knew how big the impact was to him when he first received the news.

If possible, he would exchange everything he had for a chance to get together with her.

However, how was he supposed to tell her that the man she loved could not even promise his entire lifetime to her?

He would have put her in a situation where she feared losing her lover at all times.

He could not do this…

He hated being such a useless person as well.

Yu Yuehan opened his mouth faintly and said, “I will consider your deal, but you have disappeared for too long. The situation in the Tang Corporation has already started to change. I am afraid that Shangxin will soon have suspicions if you don’t appear promptly.”

He leaned his elegant body slightly backward and rested against the back of the chair.

“I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow,” Tang Yuansi replied swiftly.

It seemed like he knew everything.

Yu Yuehan did not say anything further when he heard this.

He placed the medical record down and stood up from the chair.

Then, he turned around and got ready to leave.

Just as he reached the door, he bumped into the doctor who was about to enter the room with his nurse.

He subconsciously took a glance at the tray that the nurse was holding and frowned slightly when he recognized the medicine on the tray.

He had been suspecting it when he took a look at the medical record just now, though it had never previously crossed his mind that Tang Yuansi would really start to take medicines that were more potent just so that he could get discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

It seemed like he really had no concerns about his own life if Shangxin could leave in peace…

One could not judge if his actions were right or wrong.

Yu Yuehan collected his gaze and left the hospital in no time.

By the time he returned to the Yu Family villa, the mother and daughter were already in dreamland as they hugged each other on the huge bed in his bedroom.

Xiao Liuliu was still a restless person even in her sleep.

Her squishy figure was still nestled in Nian Xiaomu’s embrace the previous second. However, she moved up to Nian Xiaomu’s chest area by the next second.

As she rested her tiny head against Nian Xiaomu’s soft chest, she continued to try her best to burrow deeper and deeper in. She was just like a baby hamster.

In the end, she rested her tiny head directly on Nian Xiaomu’s chest while pouting her lips and continuing to sleep…

Both mother and daughter were sound asleep, and it seemed like none of them were concerned that the head of the family was missing.

Yu Yuehan removed his coat and casually tossed it on the sofa.

Reaching out, he tugged at his tie and strolled to the bedside.

Staring at the squishy figure who was taking up his territory, his dark eyes flickered as he carried her up and placed her to the side.

He learned a lesson from the last time when Xiao Liuliu had fallen off the bed and spoiled his road to happiness.

This time, Yu Yuehan lovingly placed a very thick duvet on the floor.

He ensured that she would not be woken up even if she fell off the bed.

Satisfied and content, he lay down beside Nian Xiaomu and drew her into his embrace.

He followed Xiao Liuliu’s posture and shifted his body up to her chest. Just when he was feeling gleeful about it…

Smack! A hand slapped his head away without warning. This was accompanied by Nian Xiaomu’s annoyed muttering.

“Get up. Don’t disturb my sleep…”

Yu Yuehan: “???”

It must have been an illusion—she must have thought that it was Xiao Liuliu.

As Yu Yuehan lay down beside her again, he said in a charmingly low voice, “Nian Xiaomu, it’s me.”

The next second, a hand pushed him away without hesitation yet again as she said, “Yes, I am talking about you.”

Yu Yuehan: “…!!”