The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 705

Chapter 705 An Accident

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In a hotel room.

The items that cluttered the room had already been neatly packed into suitcases.

As Shangxin stood in front of the huge bed in the room, she tilted her head and glanced at the familiar, yet strange, surroundings.

She had almost forgotten that this was merely a hotel.

It wasn’t her home.

However, she could not bear to leave this place just because of that particular night.

This was the only place that was linked to him in all of City H…

Her overseas visa was already prepared, and the collaboration with the investors had been settled as well.

She was originally in a hurry to leave the country, but her emotions suddenly became complex.

“Shangxin, it’s getting late. Pack up your things and rest early,” reminded Shangxin’s manager when he came out of the bathroom and noticed the dazed Shangxin.

She would be leaving the country in a few days’ time.

The manager could tell who Shangxin was missing even though she did not say her thoughts out loud.

As he walked forward, he hugged Shangxin and said in an indignant tone, “I didn’t agree with you leaving immediately back then because I was worried that you would regret it. However, so many days have passed that he must have known for a while that you would be heading overseas. His absence even now proves that he does not care about you at all, so why are you still hesitating?”


Even though Shangxin did not rebut his words, her gaze grew disappointed.

Very quickly, she shook her head and said, “It wasn’t that I was unwilling to part with him, I just feel that I am very silly. Don’t worry, I am fine. I will bid farewell to my friends tomorrow and then we will leave the day after.”

The manager could only rest assured after he heard this.

He turned and left after patting her shoulders and reminded her not to drink too much alcohol.

Shangxin sat on the bed alone and stared at the luggage before her.

The scene of her parting with Tang Yuansi flashed past her mind.

Her manager was right.

So many days had passed—he would have come to look for her if he wanted to.

Perhaps her departure was great news for him…

Shangxin lowered her eyelids and sat alone on the bed for a very long time. All of a sudden, she thought of something as she whipped out her phone and sent Nian Xiaomu a text.

She messaged Nian Xiaomu for a meet up.

Then, she placed her cell phone by the bed and dove under the covers.

She forced herself not to think of Tang Yuansi as she closed her eyes and slept.

The next day.

Shangxin woke up early in the morning.

Reaching out, she pressed her hand against her torso and sat upright on the bed with a ghastly pale face.

However, she suddenly lifted the covers a few seconds later and dashed to the bathroom without her shoes.

“Ugh!” Sounds of retching rang out from the bathroom.

The sounds gradually disappeared after a long while.

As Shangxin leaned against the basin, she was drenched in sweat and had a ghastly pale face.

Nothing came out of her mouth even after dry heaving for a long time. She was in so much discomfort that she couldn’t even speak.

As she gradually came back to her senses, she turned on the faucet and splashed a handful of water on her face.

After she was done washing up, she exited the bathroom and walked to the table. When she found a box of stomach medication on the table, she simply popped two pills out and sent them into her mouth. Then, she grabbed a bottle of mineral water and swallowed them down.

Her stomach always felt queasy because she did not have regular meals during this period of time.

Luckily, her manager had prepared stomach medication for her.

Shangxin did not think much of it. After eating the medicine, she took a glance at her phone and saw that Nian Xiaomu had replied to her message. She quickly changed into another set of clothes and left the hotel.

Nian Xiaomu had not expected that Shangxin would leave, especially when she was leaving in such a hurry.

The moment the two of them met in the cafe, Nian Xiaomu could no longer keep her cool and asked, “Why are you leaving all of a sudden? You even said that you would not be returning anytime soon. How long will you be there for?”

Nian Xiaomu immediately thought of something when she saw that Shangxin remained silent and did not reply to her for a while.

“Is it because of Tang Yuansi?”