The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 706

Chapter 706 You Have A Strong Resemblance To Someone

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“It had nothing to do with him. I made this decision myself.” Shangxin denied the moment she heard that name.

The more she tried to deny it, the more it proved that Tang Yuansi was the reason she was in a hurry to leave the country.

Both of them just wanted to hurt each other even though they obviously cared about one another.

As Nian Xiaomu sat down, she picked up the cup of water in front of her and took a sip. She clearly did not understand what was going on in their minds.

If she liked a man, she would target him first and then find a chance to get him home; after she had eaten her fill, she would then pat his little face and tell him that he had to take responsibility for her…


Although, something unexpected had happened while she was with Yu Yuehan.

Yu Yuehan had already taken the initiative and wanted to take responsibility for her before she had the chance to request him to do so…

However, this did not affect the domineering aura of the Queen in any way.

Technically saying, both Tang Yuansi and Yu Yuehan should have similar characters and should be very decisive since the two of them were friends.

Why was he hesitating and holding himself back when he obviously really cared for Shangxin?

Up till now, she still couldn’t understand the trouble he was in. What was so serious that he had to push away someone he loved.

It was so unmanly of him!

“Two cups of cappuccino and a dessert platter please. Thank you.”

After Shangxin had finished ordering the food, she closed the menu and handed it back to the server. Then, she smiled and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“I don’t have many friends here, so I wanted to see you before I leave. I hope I didn’t disturb you by asking to meet up today?”

Shangxin continued speaking, “I heard about the online rumors. To be honest, apart from bidding farewell to you, the reason I asked to meet you today was because I have something else to tell you.”

Nian Xiaomu was slightly taken aback by her solemn tone.

The first person that flashed past her mind at the mention of the online rumors was Xing Li.

She had originally planned to head to the police station to ask Xing Li about her parents this morning. However, Yu Yuehan had an emergency meeting to attend and Shangxin just happened to be leaving the country soon. So she decided to rush over to meet up with Shangxin first.

Nian Xiaomu did not expect her to mention these rumors.

Assuming Shangxin had wanted to ask if the online rumors were true, Nian Xiaomu instinctively opened her mouth and started to explain, “Shangxin, actually me and Xing Li…”

“I wasn’t going to ask you about this as I trust that you had nothing to do with the Xing couple’s death, and I already knew that you were only an adopted child of the Xing Family. Information from the media spread fast, and news of the secretive fiancée of the Yu Corporation was continuously published recently. Your family background is really more interesting than the plots in television dramas.”

As Shangxin said this, she reached out and held onto her hands.

She pursed her lips and appeared to be hesitant. After pausing for a while, she asked, “Do you still remember the first time we met?”

“… After the show, the time when you pretended to be a fan?” Nian Xiaomu was a little stunned and she replied with a smile.

She felt a little silly as she recalled what happened that day.

She had wanted to convince Shangxin to collaborate with her, but she could not recognize her when she was standing right in front of her.

Shangxin nodded her head yet her expression changed when she heard this.

“Yeah. The reason I spoke to you that time, and chose to trust you by collaborating with you was because of Brother Xiaosi. But, there was actually another reason that I had not told you about.”


As Nian Xiaomu met her gaze, she suddenly felt a strong sense of familiarity.

Just like now.

They seemed as though they had been friends for years even though they did not really know each other.

She had even placed all her tasks on hold and rushed over to meet Shangxin when she knew that she would be leaving the country soon.

“Xiao Mumu, I felt that you had a strong resemblance to someone from the very first time I saw you…”