The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 707

Chapter 707 So Handsome That She Turned One's Legs Wobbly

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“…” Nian Xiaomu raised her head up instantly and looked at her in surprise.

She had never expected that she would have guessed Shangxin’s reply.

They might really have known each other previously…

Nian Xiaomu’s heart pounded in that instant and her throat turned dry. “Who?”

“A friend of mine. My classmate to be exact.” Shangxin replied hesitantly; she continued slowly after muttering to herself for a few seconds.

“The reason I did not dare to ask if you knew me all this time was because I was hiding another thing from you as well. My name isn’t Shangxin, my real name is actually Shang Muxin.”

Shangxin tightened her grip on Nian Xiaomu’s hand as she spoke.

It was her fault for hiding her true identity.

However, she was the only successor to the Shang Family and she had experienced numerous kidnaps ever since she was young.

She had simply wanted to be herself and not worry her family members so she had hidden her true identity.

“Shang Muxin…”

As Nian Xiaomu repeated her name, something flashed past her mind and her eyes enlarged in surprise.

“You are the daughter of Shang Lingsi?”

He was the big boss and legend of the business industry of the previous generation.

Nian Xiaomu had heard of this name even though she did not know him personally.

She had never expected that Shangxin was actually Shang Lingsi’s daughter, the Elder Miss of the Shang Family…

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention to hide it from you. I just didn’t know how to tell you about this.” Shangxin looked at her apologetically.

After this information had sunk in, Nian Xiaomu replied kindly,

“I understand, there’s no need for apologies. I made friends with you because you are Shangxin, it had nothing to do with your identity as the Elder Miss of the Shang Family.”

“Even your way of speaking is similar to her.”

Shangxin stared blankly for a few seconds before she opened her mouth and spoke slowly.

She was in shock and it was as if she was trying to remember…

The children of top-notch families received elite education from birth.

She was the only successor of the Shang Family.

Her mother had nearly died while giving birth to her and had remained in bed in a vegetative state for many years.

Her father had waited for her mother to regain consciousness, so they could live happily together again.

Even though no one had told her that she would need to take over the Shang Family in the future, Shangxin was very clear of the responsibilities on her shoulders. As such, she agreed and did not complain when she knew that she would be sent to a gated private school.

That was where she made her first true friend in life.

“My dad is someone who loves his daughter dearly and he has spoiled me ever since I was young. I was extremely pampered when I was young and I was sent abroad for gated education as soon as I was old enough. Even though I agreed to it right away, I couldn’t adapt to my surroundings well and I was ostracized the moment I got there. A few foreign Caucasian girls often loved to stop me in the canteen and they forbade me from eating…”

An awkward smile appeared on Shangxin’s face when she recounted that period of her life.

She was extremely timid back then. She had been taught a lot, but not how to fight.

In addition, Brother Xiaosi was there to protect her.

As it was her first time being away from her home and Tang Yuansi, she really did not have the ability to protect herself.

She would just stand rooted to the ground and cry when she was bullied.

It was during that time when a beautiful young girl with similar black eyes and hair suddenly appeared in front of her.

She picked up the food tray before her and angrily slammed it down on those girls.

Shangxin was already struck with fear.

As she stood rooted to the ground, she stared at that beautiful girl with enlarged eyes.