The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Opening The Door To A New World

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She had even forgotten to go forward and help out when that beautiful girl was attacked from all sides.

She watched helplessly as she fought off three people alone and even pinned all three of them down on the floor single-handedly.

Swinging her jet black, long hair, the girl raised her head and looked at her with her beautiful large eyes.

“Have you seen enough, cutie-pie? Attack them like this the next time anyone bullies you. It’s useless if you only know how to cry, they’ll walk all over you!”

The discipline master came in right after she had finished speaking.

He looked so angry when he saw the people pinned to the ground and pointed his finger at them.

When he took a look at the pretty girl who was sat on the backs of the few people, he seemed to recognize her, his finger trembled and his face changed.

In the end, all five of them were brought to the disciplinary office that day.

That was Shangxin’s first time stepping into a disciplinary office, and she was so nervous throughout the entire journey that she did not dare to utter a single word.

However, the pretty girl who had helped her out was still chewing her gum. Seeing that she looked as though she was about to faint, she moved closer to her and said, “Don’t worry, cutie-pie. I often do this kind of thing. We will receive some verbal lecture at most and then write a reflection letter. It will be done in less than an hour’s time, and I can help you if you don’t know how to write it. I am used to this.”

After she finished speaking, the discipline master seemed to have heard her, and he was so angry that he turned around to glare at her.

Shangxin: “…”

For a person who treats writing a reflection letter as nothing out of the ordinary, wasn’t it highly possible that she was no better than the people who had bullied her?

She couldn’t work out that pretty girl back then.

The pretty girl seemed to have read her thoughts and explained everything to her.

“Don’t worry, I am not a bad person. Take a close look at me. I have a beautiful and charming appearance; I am kind and adorable as well. Do bad guys have such looks? Let me tell you, there was always someone who was jealous of me because I had such great looks, and they often plotted against me as a result. The goddess only fought back because she couldn’t take it!”

Shangxin: “…” Yeah, right.

However, it was true that she did not look like a bad person.

Perhaps it was because they were in a foreign country that she felt closer to someone who looked like her.

Furthermore, the pretty girl only beat them up because she wanted to protect her.

She shouldn’t blame her no matter what.

To be honest, it was her fault that she was writing a reflection letter at the disciplinary office.

Shangxin suddenly felt a little guilty when she thought of this. Reaching out, she pointed at the red marks on her face and asked, “Is it painful?”


The pretty girl seemed to have realized that her face was hurt after someone had asked her this question. Reaching out she touched her face, and showing no emotion shook her head.

“It’s okay. That’s the problem of fighting with girls; they always tug at hair and scratch on faces. They’re not friendly at all.”

Shangxin: “…”

In this case, did she want to fight with boys instead?

Shangxin did not ask her this. For some reason, she felt that she might be utterly shocked by the pretty girl’s reply.

In the end, both of them were the only people left in the disciplinary office.

The three others had received a pretty bad beating and they had gone to the clinic to treat their wounds.

The moment she heard that the few people were led to the clinic, the pretty girl got so annoyed that she stamped her feet. Just when Shangxin thought that she was going to say something about being more gentle with her punches, she heard her crystal clear voice.

“I’m so angry, I should have rolled around on the floor just now and pretended that I was badly wounded. Then I wouldn’t have had to write the reflection letter either!”


In short, because of a girl whom she did not know, Shangxin opened the door to a new world that day.

She had etched her name deep in her heart.