The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Try Again If One Time Doesnt Work

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“Liuliu? Are you saying that Liuliu was the name of the girl you knew?” Nian Xiaomu was completely taken aback and she stared at Shangxin in disbelief.

In the beginning, she felt a little uncertain when Fan Yu told her of the name “Liuliu”.

However, she had never expected the second person who had recognized her to mention this exact same name as well.

Nian Xiaomu’s expression changed the moment she returned to her senses. Then, she grabbed onto Shangxin’s wrist nervously and asked, “Is it just Liuliu? Do you still remember my surname?”

Shangxin felt unsure when she heard this.

After pondering for awhile she only shook her head and said, “I don’t know.”

They were overseas at a gated private school. Basically, all the kids who studied there had extraordinary family backgrounds.

Almost all of the students used an alias to ensure that they would not be disturbed in any way after they left the school.

A stone seemed to weigh down in Shangxin’s heart after the pretty girl saved her that day. Even though she didn’t look like a bad person, she sounded casual in her words and she also carried an aura of nobility that was far stronger than hers.

She even reached out and patted her head when they walked out of the disciplinary office.

“I’m going off now, cutie-pie, don’t miss me. Remember to do what I’ve taught you today and retaliate by punching back if anyone dares to bully you next time!”

As the pretty girl spoke, she got ready to leave.

Shangxin snapped back to her senses. Facing her back, she asked, “I still don’t know your name.”

“Liuliu, you can call me Liuliu.”

Liuliu did not turn around and left after waving her hands.

Both of them met each other in school a few times after that day, even though they were not classmates, they still chatted.

After Shangxin spent more time with Liuliu, she gradually realized that Liuliu gave her a very different feeling compared to the first time they had met.

She had a straightforward character and had a strong sense of justice as well.

She knew a lot of things too.

Except for… being a little fierce when she was fighting.

However, as she had said, the goddess only resorted to lecturing those undiscriminating people because she had been forced to do it.

She would not engage in fights under usual circumstances, as fighting affects the image of a goddess after all.

Yes, a fighting goddess still cares about her image very dearly.

Shangxin might just spit water in the person’s face if they said such things to her. However, it didn’t seem wrong when Liuliu said it.

Perhaps it was because of her beauty.

Or perhaps it was because she had the aura of a Queen.

Or perhaps it was because of her frivolous tone…

All in all, Shangxin had already forgotten how the two of them had become so close.

She only knew that she had treated Liuliu as her friend afterward.

Academic learning was very important in the gated school and they had to take numerous lessons every day. They also had very little personal time, and Shangxin was usually the one who revealed her thoughts during their occasional meet up.

They were youths and that was the time when they experienced their first awakening of love.

At that time, Shangxin already knew that she liked Tang Yuansi and she was always thinking of how she could win him over.

Speaking of this, Liuliu was actually the one who had highly recommended the art of pestering.

“Let me tell you, there’s a thin veil in the way when it comes to a girl wooing a guy, and you will naturally win him over once you’ve poked through that veil. If he still does not comply, you will have to force yourself upon him. In short, if it doesn’t work after you do it one time, then bed him a few more times—bed him until he complies!”

Shangxin’s face still turned bright red when she recalled both of their conversations back then.

The thing was that Liuliu could still educate such knowledge in a deadly earnest manner.