The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Impressing all those seated!

The rhythm of the last segment was different from the one that Cheng Caimei had played.

The level of difficulty was already very high for Cheng Caimei's tune, but Nian Xiaomu played that same tune at an even faster tempo.

It was as if the entire world was at her fingertips when those tender and fair fingers danced about on the black and white keys...

The look on Yu Yuehan's eyes deepened when he saw this scene, and his fingers, which were gripping his wine cup, tightened silently.

The ballroom seemed to have transformed into a large concert hall.

Meanwhile, she was the eye-catching music fairy...

When the last music note was played, a sudden silence engulfed the entire ballroom.

The surrounding air seemed to have also solidified.

An applause finally sounded after a full three seconds, followed by a second applause, then a third applause...

The applause that sounded like rolling thunder resonated throughout the entire ballroom.

"Impossible... she couldn't have done it..." Cheng Caimei tumbled down into a chair, her face ghastly pale. She stared blankly toward the stage at the graceful and poignant Nian Xiaomu.

Her piano instructor from abroad had once told her that the tune she played was divided into two sections; namely, the top and the bottom section.

The level of difficulty for the top section was already very high. For the bottom section, the pianist would be required to double the tempo and coordination. Hence, very few were able to play this tune.

As a result, as time went by, everyone only knew the existence of the top section of this tune, but not the bottom section.

Although she could not play it, she had browsed the score of the bottom part before and had some recollections of it.

If her ears had not failed her, then the tune that Nian Xiaomu had played earlier was the bottom part that had an insane level of difficulty!

The piano playing attainment of a nurse actually exceeded Cheng Caimei by so much...

How could she accept this?!

The applause in the ballroom continued for a very long time.

On the stage, Nian Xiaomu did not make a single movement as she sat before the piano.

She retracted her hands away from the piano keys, but she looked baffled, as if her soul had left her body. She did not even react when the emcee beside her called out her name.

Others had assumed that she was too engrossed in the performance and needed time to come back to her senses.

However, only she knew that she was in fact shocked by her own performance.

That feeling of her hands losing control along with the rhythm was too strong.

When the performance was nearing the end, she almost couldn't see the pages of the score and was only playing the tune according to her instincts.

However, the thing was that even she herself could not provide any explanations for this "instinct" of hers.

She turned and looked at Yu Yuehan subconsciously when she came back to her senses.

At the moment when both of their eyes met, she became stumped for words.

His dark and burning eyes were so deep, like an abyss. A ray of light which she could not understand stayed hidden in his eyes, different from the others around them.

Nian Xiaomu did not know what this meant.

She only knew that she should have won.

She had avoided a calamity and also taken revenge for both herself and Xiao Liuliu!

The most important thing was that she had scored double her salary!

Nian Xiaomu cast away her last bit of doubt the moment she thought of her doubled salary.

She stood up from the piano and gave a slight nod of her head to show respect to the audience. After which, she walked toward Yu Yuehan.

When she reached his side, she lifted her head and looked at Cheng Xiulu and her niece.

"Madam, did I win this round?"


Cheng Xiulu absolutely had not expected this ending.

She was very confident in her niece and had bet that her niece's piano skills would definitely be better than Nian Xiaomu's.

She had even devised a backup plan. Just in case Nian Xiaomu had good piano skills and her performance ended up equally matched with Cheng Caimei's, she would find a chance to help her niece turn defeat into victory as long as there was something debatable.

Even if she could not protect Cheng Caimei, she would not be punished alongside her niece.

However, she had never expected Nian Xiaomu to obtain such a splendid win without any suspense!