The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Its Him Its Him. He Was The One

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“You are just too timid you won’t even retaliate when you’re bullied, and you do not dare to woo the person you like. If everyone in the world wasted time just like you did, I wonder how many single men and women would be left in this world.”

Shangxin: “…”

“I am different. If there is someone I like, I strike first and gain the upper hand regardless of his feelings for me! I’d rather woo him, but otherwise it’s fine. I’ll have at least put in the effort and won’t have any regrets no matter what!”

Gradually, Shangxin grew bolder and bolder with Liuliu’s encouragement.

She was no longer afraid and did not always avoid her feelings.

Everything that Shangxin did was due to the girl named “Liuliu”—whether it was learning how to protect herself or confiding her feelings toward Tang Yuansi after she returned to the country.

Even though they were the same age, Liuliu always appeared like a big sister with that domineering aura of hers.

A hint of disappointment flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s eyes, and she immediately thought of another key question. “Are you saying that you only knew me as Liuliu, but not my full name? Then what about the name of the school?!”

Since Shangxin was her schoolmate, she would only need to know the school’s name to find out about her education there.

Perhaps she could even find others who knew her…

“Angel. Angel is the school’s name. It is a famous international private school.”

At the same time, it was also jokingly known as the devilish school with an “angelic” name.

Most of the students there were elites.

“Angel.” As Nian Xiaomu mouthed this word silently, she felt a sense of familiarity.

If she really was who Shangxin thought, and she did receive her education in this school, then the teachers from the school should have met her parents before…

Were they ok?

“Xiao Mumu, are you alright?” Shangxin asked. She was concerned when she saw her friend’s expression.

“Here’s your coffee.” The server temporarily interrupted their conversation as she served the coffee and dessert.

Shangxin held up the coffee and took a sip.

The coffee that she used to love tasted a little revolting today.

She placed the coffee down, assuming that it was due to her uncomfortable digestive system. Then, she thought of something and looked at Nian Xiaomu again.

“Speaking of your name, I only know that your name is Liuliu. As for your parents… I remember there was a time when I just happened to bump into someone picking you up. However, he did not seem to be your parent from the way he was dressed. Not a single detail was neglected in his attire, and he looked like a butler instead. He was very respectful toward you too.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu raised her head abruptly when she heard Shangxin’s words.

“I can’t really remember his looks very well. I only remember that he was a Caucasian, and he wore a very formal suit with a black tie; he had white hair on his temples, and he appeared to be at least 50 years of age.”

“A Caucasian who appeared to be at least 50 years of age…”

Nian Xiaomu thought of something immediately, and her eyes lit up with excitement.

She immediately lowered her head and dug out her cell phone. Then, she showed the photo of Mr. Cardi that she had retrieved from the Xing Family, to Shangxin.

“Take a close look at this, is he the one?”


Shangxin was taken aback by her reaction and she quickly took the cell phone from her.

The photo on the cell phone was taken from the original photograph that the second uncle of the Xing Family kept. As the old photo was originally a little yellowish in the first place, the one captured by the cell phone appeared to be blurrier than the original, however, one could still vaguely make out the person in the photo.

Shangxin raised her head in no time and said, “It’s him! The person who picked you up outside the school gate that time, It was the old man in this photo!”