The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Stand Right There And Dont Move

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“Are you sure he is Mr. Cardi? You don’t have the wrong person?” Nian Xiaomu’s hand tightened around her coffee cup.

She was so anxious that she nearly shattered the cup.

Shangxin took another look at the photo on the cell phone and replied with certainty, “Even though the person in this photo looks slightly different to when I saw him, it is indeed him. Even his clothing is exactly the same as the day when he picked you up!”

He wore a black formal suit with a gentleman’s tie around his collar.

He had the same air about him too.

Shangxin was certain that she had not mistaken him for someone else, and this was the man she had seen outside the school gate back then.

“You called him Mr. Cardi just now. Do you remember this man?” Shangxin asked.

“He was the one who helped the remaining members of the Xing Family settle down after they met with an accident. He even provided financial assistance to them for seven years.” As Nian Xiaomu leaned against the back of the chair with her coffee, she seemed to be a little confused.

She hadn’t expected to receive such an important piece of information when she had originally only gone to send Shangxin off.

In her mind she pieced together all the bits and pieces of information that she had heard today…

She had originally thought that she was adopted by the Xing Family.

However, everything that she had been told by them, had proved that the Xing couple did not simply treat her as an adoptive daughter.

Also, who was the one who had picked her up before the fire started in the Xing Family residence 10 years ago?

She hadn’t been able to get an answer to this question.

One reason could be that she wasn’t an abandoned child after all. Rather, she had been placed in the care of the Xing Family by her biological parents since birth, and was only fetched home when she was a teen.

And so, the benefactor who had appeared at the Xing Family’s residence after the fire might be part of her parents’ arrangement!

Where did they take her that year?

What about her biological parents?

What’s with her memories of the fire?

Mr. Cardi disappeared three years ago, and she had collapsed somewhere outside the hospital with serious injuries… How exactly were these two events linked?

She always had the feeling that the truth was in her grasp, but there was always something stopping her from seeing it clearly…

In the end, she would still have to rely on Xing Li for the answers.

As long as Xing Li could tell her who had picked her up back then, or tell her what her real name was.

In any case, she could still use the information of her time at Angel as a basis, and then find out everything.

Nian Xiaomu put her coffee cup down and spoke. “Shangxin, I’ve got to leave now, I have something urgent to attend to. What time is your flight tomorrow? I will head over to see you off.”

Shangxin’s eyes flickered. Hiding the reluctant-to-part expression in her eyes, she said, “10 o’clock in the morning.”

“I will be there.” As Nian Xiaomu stood up from the chair, she lowered her head and planted a kiss on Shangxin’s forehead. “Take care of yourself, cutie-pie.”


By the time Shangxin turned around, the person who had kissed her, had already left the cafe with her phone in her hand.

Just as she was about to reach the exit, Nian Xiaomu received a call from Yu Yuehan.

“Where are you?”

A hint of unhappiness that resulted because of her abandonment lingered in his deep voice.

Nian Xiaomu could almost imagine him holding his phone and tugging at his necktie at this very moment.

Smiling, she answered sweetly, “Are you done with your meeting? I am about to head to the police station now, do you want to accompany me?”

“Stand right there and don’t move. I’ll come and pick you up.” Yu Yuehan replied.

He hung up the call right after he finished speaking.


Stand right there and don’t move? She wasn’t a puppet…