The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 712

Chapter 712 The Second Wife

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Would a goddess be so obedient?

Of course not!

Nian Xiaomu pouted her lips and carried her bag, strutting towards the roadside.

She bought herself a stick of candied fruits, and ate it while she waited.

However, she had only managed to eat a few of the candied fruits, when a luxurious, black car stopped in front of her with a “Vroom!”

Nian Xiaomu tilted her head in an attempt to chew off one of the candied fruits in her hand. She couldn’t even be bothered to lick the syrup off the corners of her mouth.

As the car window rolled down, Yue Yuehan’s devastatingly handsome face appeared before her.

He stared at the saliva at the corner of her mouth with a look of disdain, as if to say “Look at you, a stick of candied fruits is enough for you to show your true colors. You still dare to call yourself a goddess…”


Was it too late for her to throw away the candied fruit now?

From the contemptuous look he gave, it seemed like it was too late.

Besides, as a foodie she did not agree with wasting food.

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and stretched her hand, ready to open the car door.

After trying the handle a few times, she realized that the car door was locked.

Nian Xiaomu muttered vaguely, “Yu Yuehan, you forgot to open the door.”

Yue Yuehan said, “Nian Xiaomu, do you know that a car is a man’s second wife? Throw away that thing in your mouth. It will dirty my wife.”


He wouldn’t even let her eat a stick of candied fruit. Did he believe that she could make him single immediately, and he could go on to stay with his car, his wife?

A silent war had occurred during the short span of time where they had locked gazes.

In the end, Yue Yuehan was defeated and allowed the assistant to open the car door.

Nian Xiaomu gleefully climbed into the car with her candied fruits.

Just as she settled into her seat, she bit off a piece of the candied fruit and asked, “Didn’t you just call? How did you arrive so quickly?”

At this speed, it would be more probable that they came by plane instead of car.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered and he replied coldly, “I happened to be nearby.”

“Wait, this doesn’t make sense. You hung up so quickly that I didn’t even manage to tell you the address. How did you know where you were supposed to pick me up? Yu Yuehan, did you tail me?” said Nian Xiaomu as she swallowed the piece of candied fruit in her mouth. She stared at him as she thought of this possibility.

“You sent me a message in the cafe. It showed your location.”


She had indeed forgotten about that.

She snuggled into Yu Yuehan’s embrace in an attempt to please him. Pretending as if nothing had happened, she rubbed her head against his chest and continued eating her candied fruits.


Yu Yuehan lowered his eyes, staring at her delicate profile. The soft light that fell on her made her seem like an illusion.

As he pulled her closer to him, a complicated flicker of emotion flashed across his eyes.

Recalling what happened recently, he felt a little insecure. Perhaps, he should seriously consider installing a GPS system in her phone, in case he lost her…


The car had arrived at the police station.

Xing Li had been taken for investigation. According to standard procedures, visitors should be allowed

After hearing the purpose of their visit, the staff at the police station were apologetic and said, “You’re too late. Xing Li is no longer at this police station. She has been transferred to a hospital, and we’ve had the news that she has been diagnosed with PTSD. She is unable to accept that she was the cause of her biological parents’ death and has gone crazy.”