The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Well Thats Something Impressive

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When Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and realized what she had done, her face turned a gorgeous shade of red.

Yu Yuehan’s face showed a dazed expression.

Could he be angry with her for taking advantage of him just now?

Yes, she had indeed given him a sudden kiss, but they were about to get engaged. He didn’t seem to be so petty that he would disallow a mere kiss…

Perhaps she should apologize to him?

But this would destroy her reputation as a goddess. Furthermore, the goddess usually ran away after flirting—he had already been very kind by sitting here and waiting for her.

Should she give him another kiss?

“Yu Yuehan…”

Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to say something, the chauffeur suddenly stopped the car and reported respectfully, “Young Master Han, we have arrived at the hospital.”

Nian Xiaomu only remembered then, that Yu Yuehan had not answered her question.

Furthermore, the way he gazed at her was still very weird…

“You get out of the car first.” Yu Yuehan spoke suddenly.

Without a second word, Nian Xiaomu reached out and got ready to open the car door.

Before her fingers could come into contact with the car door, Yu Yuehan had already pulled her back. He threw a chilly look at the chauffeur sitting in the driver’s seat and said, “I mean, you get out of the car first.”


The chauffeur got out hastily.

Now, there was only the two of them in the narrow rear seats.

With her body pressed against the car door, Nian Xiaomu looked at Yu Yuehan, who was suddenly behaving in a strange manner.

Could he really be angry with her for taking advantage of him just now?

What a petty man.

He could simply kiss her back.

“I merely gave you a kiss, I won’t do it in the future if you don’t like it…”

“Kiss me again.”

He suddenly said in a low voice that was slightly hoarse.

It sounded exceptionally alluring.

However, the key point was the meaning behind his words…

Had she been flirted with instead?

Hadn’t he looked reluctant earlier on, and acted like he didn’t want her to kiss him?

Must the goddess kiss him now that he had requested for it?

The goddess was a very proud person.

“I’m not kissing!”

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows and said, “Give me a kiss, I’ll buy you a stick of candied fruits later on.”

“10 sticks! I want to eat nine sticks and take a stick back for Xiao Liuliu.” Nian Xiaomu replied without hesitation.


She was indeed her biological mother.

She was still able to save a tiny little stick for Xiao Liuliu.

Nian Xiaomu noticed the taunting look in his eyes and explained in a deadly earnest manner, “Alright, I am not being petty here. Everything that I do is for the good of Xiao Liuliu. She is still young and she can’t have too much sweet food. I am a grown up and it’s fine even if I eat a little too much.”

After she had finished speaking, she stared at him with a subservient look and waited for his reply.

“Two sticks.” Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and said, “Too much sweet food isn’t good for your health.”

“Eight sticks!”

“Two sticks.”

“Six sticks!”

“Two sticks.”

“Four sticks! Nothing less than that!” Nian Xiaomu was on the verge of entering into a state of panic.

He didn’t even want to let her have candied fruits—did he still want her as his fiancée?

As Yu Yuehan took a glance at her little face that was puffed up from anger, he opened his mouth steadily and said, “Two sticks.”


Nian Xiaomu shot him a glare before she pushed open the car door and got ready to get out of the car.

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows immediately and said, “Fine, four sticks it shall be.”


“Six sticks then?”


“Nian Xiaomu, it’s a little overboard to have six sticks. You only have three seconds to consider.” Before Yu Yuehan could threaten her again, Nian Xiaomu had already flung his hand away and jumped out of the car.

She turned around and whipped out a hundred dollar note from her pocket.

“I suddenly remembered that the goddess has got money, I can buy them myself!”