The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 715

Chapter 715 I Need A Hug

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He hadn’t expected that all of his previous efforts would go down the drain.

So did he have to control the goddess’s wallet in the future, just to get a kiss from her?

Before he could return to his senses, Nian Xiaomu had already waved her hands and walked towards the hospital.

With a long face, Yu Yuehan stepped out of the car, walked over to her, and they headed into the hospital together.

They followed the information, and managed to find Xing Li’s ward in no time.

The ward was stark white in color.

Xing Li was lying on the hospital bed. All her limbs were tied down so tightly by a special type of cloth, that she was unable to move at all.

The nurse who had followed them over explained this to them immediately.

“Ms Xing was very agitated and she kept on struggling; she did not cooperate with us for her checkups either. Afraid that she would hurt others as well as hurt herself, the doctor had no choice but to inject her with a tranquilizer to limit her mobility.”

“Can we go in and see her now?” Nian Xiaomu asked when she saw Xing Li, lying lifelessly on the bed.

The nurse nodded her head in a friendly manner and said, “Ms Xing has already calmed down, there shouldn’t be any problem However, try not to talk about anything that might agitate her. I’ll be outside, just call if there’s a problem.”

After Nian Xiaomu thanked the nurse, she pushed the door to the ward open and walked inside.

Even though Xing Li’s eyes were wide open, she kept her gaze completely fixated on the ceiling—you couldn’t tell if she was awake or sleeping.

The burnt part of her face was covered with her long hair, and there seemed to be an additional hint of gentleness on the side of her face that was revealed.

Her life would have been completely different if she had not walked this extreme path…

Nian Xiaomu still felt some empathy toward Xing Li, perhaps because she heard how well the Xing couple had treated her.

She would not send Xing Li to jail if she didn’t have to destroy her.

“Who? Who are you guys?” The person, who was silently lying on the bed a moment ago, seemed to have heard the footsteps. She suddenly widened her eyes and looked in their direction.

It chilled one’s heart to see her blood-thirsty gaze.

Yu Yuehan pulled Nian Xiaomu behind him to protect her.

When he remembered Xing Li’s restricted mobility it set his mind at ease. As he released his grip on Nian Xiaomu’s hand, he watched as she walked step by step to Xing Li.

“I heard that you have been wanting to see me.”


Xing Li’s gaze suddenly softened when she heard Nian Xiaomu’s voice.

Struggling, she sat up on her bed.

Her arms fidgeted and it seemed like she wanted to do something. However, she realized that she was wearing a special kind of hospital gown and could not move at all.

She could only lift her head and look at Nian Xiaomu. Raising her eyebrows, she smiled.

“Xingxing, you are here to see me? Elder sister misses you very much. Come over, let me hug you…”


“It’s all elder sister’s fault, I shouldn’t have been jealous of you. Daddy and Mummy were nice to you for a reason; that was because you are the benefactor of the Xing Family, the benefactor…” Xing Li appeared to have been possessed; it seemed like she was speaking to Nian Xiaomu, but judging from her expression, she appeared to be muttering to herself instead.

Nian Xiaomu was stunned.

Just when she was hesitating, she suddenly thought of Yu Yuehan’s reminder in the car before they came.

He had said that if Xing Li had indeed gone crazy, they should visit her more.

A normal person would lie.

A lunatic wouldn’t.

“Elder sister? Are you even my sister? You wanted me to die right from the start.”

As Nian Xiaomu collected her gaze, she pulled out the chair and sat beside the hospital bed. Then, she crossed her legs and asked in a chilly tone, “You said that I am the benefactor of the Xing Family. Tell me then, how did I become the benefactor of the Xing Family?”