The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 716

Chapter 716 A Man And A Woman

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When Xing Li saw her cold and detached reaction, she looked on in bewilderment.

She opened her mouth slightly and thought over her question—it seemed like she had started to doubt whatever she had said earlier on.

Even though Nian Xiaomu felt nervous, she didn’t show her emotions, and stared at her as if she was perfectly fine.

Other than Xing Li’s reply, she also wanted to see if she was truly crazy or simply pretending to be a lunatic!

Xing Li raised her head and answered with all seriousness, “It’s real, I am not lying. The Xing Family will have a lot of money if you are there at the Xing Family residence…”

It seemed that she was very pleased with herself for thinking of this reply, as a happy look took over her face.

“Yes, that’s what happened. It wasn’t true that my parents didn’t love me, the reason they were so nice to you was because you were very important. They did love me… They loved me the most because I am their only biological daughter…”


Xing Li could not let go of this sore point, even when she had already gone crazy.

She knew very clearly that there was a reason why the Xing couple treated Xing Xing well. However, she could not control the jealousy in her heart.

One false step could ruin everything. The huge fire had burned her biological parents to death…

However, Nian Xiaomu still did not understand the meaning behind her words.

What did she mean by saying the Xing Familywould have a lot of money if she was there at the Xing Family residence?

“Who gave them the money?” Nian Xiaomu raised her head abruptly and asked.

Xing Li shrunk backward as her tone suddenly turned angry.

Staring at her with widely enlarged eyes, she said, “You are not my sister. My sister has got a good temper and she always gives in to me. She would never raise her voice at me; she didn’t even allow me to address her as Miss, and told me to address her as Liuliu… However, daddy and mummy did not allow it, they would get angry. I couldn’t anger my parents, they would not abandon me if I didn’t anger them…”

As Xing Li spoke, she started to sink into the state of muttering to herself yet again.

However, Nian Xiaomu caught the main point amongst her words.


So her name was really Liuliu.

At the very least, it seemed like this wasn’t a name that she had randomly made up.

Otherwise, everyone whom she was close to would not have called her by this same name.

However, there wasn’t a surname to it, and it sounded like a pet name for a child.

In that case, what was her full name?

Nian Xiaomu took in a deep breath and tried to remain calm. As she put on a nonchalant expression, she asked, “You said that my name is Liuliu. Why should I believe you? You don’t even know my surname, so how would I know if whatever you have said was all lies?”

“It’s real!” Xing Li sat upright all of a sudden. Muttering to herself, she moved closer to her.

She started to whisper and acted as if she was telling her some sort of secret.

“I am the only one who knew about it, apart from my daddy and mummy, I heard with my own ears as the two people who visited you called you Liuliu. You looked very happy too…”

“Two people?” Nian Xiaomu could no longer control her body and she started to tremble lightly.

Her instincts told her that she wasn’t an abandoned child.

The people who visited her at the Xing Family were very likely her biological parents.

“Yes, two people! A man and a woman, they were very good looking. I have never seen such good looking people in my life. However, daddy and mummy would chase me away and they forbade me from getting near whenever they came. I could only take a secret peek… Every time they came, lots of people in black clothes would appear in the house. Apart from adults, there were kids wearing black clothes too. They were around the same age as us…”

Kids who were around the same age as them.

Wearing black clothes.

Some sort of information flashed past Nian Xiaomu’s mind.

Could they have got it wrong all along? Maybe Xing Fang wasn’t the girl in black who loved to follow her around?