The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 718

Chapter 718 An Unconventional Kind Of Heartache

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Xing Li appeared to have sunk back into her crazy state, as she started to curse at Xing Xing maliciously.

It seemed as though she wanted to drink her blood and gnaw at her flesh, with that sinister expression of hers.

However, she didn’t seem to recognize Nian Xiaomu at all, even though she was standing right in front of her.

All she did was rant on.

“Think carefully again. Didn’t you hear anyone calling them by their names, you have met them so many times?” Nian Xiaomu couldn’t contain her cool any longer. Walking forward, she grabbed onto Xing Li’s arm and questioned her closely.

Even though they could roughly guess what happened, there were still many points that could not be clearly explained.

For example, why was she placed in the care of the Xing Family?

Since her family members had already picked her up, why did she appear in City H three years ago with a body full of wounds?

How did she get pregnant with Xiao Liuliu, and who was the one who had sent Xiao Liuliu to Yu Yuehan?

All of these questions could only be answered after she found her family members along with her own identity.

“I don’t remember them. You’re hurting me…” Xing Li struggled with all her might to avoid her grip.

When she couldn’t manage to get out of her hold, she lowered her head and bit onto Nian Xiaomu’s wrist.


Xing Li bit her hard as she was crazy.

By the time Nian Xiaomu returned to her senses, there was already a bloody bite mark on her wrist.

Diving forward, Yu Yuehan pinched Xing Li’s chin and forced her to let go of her bite.

He quickly pulled Nian Xiaomu into his arms, and lowering his gaze, he stared at her face which had gone pale.

Nian Xiaomu met his worried gaze and said gloomily, “I’m fine. I was bitten because I was too agitated and lowered my guard.”

The moment she had finished speaking, the nurse, having heard the screams, pushed open the door and entered the room.

When she saw that Xing Li had curled up into a ball on the bed looking terrified, she walked forward immediately and comforted her.

“Ms Xing is not in a good state right now, I am afraid that you guys might have to take your leave.”

Yu Yuehan took Nian Xiaomu out of the ward after the nurse finished speaking.

He held onto her hand and got ready to take her to the doctor’s.

Nian Xiaomu grabbed his arm immediately and said, “I was merely bitten, it’s just a trivial matter…”

“I have never bitten you.” Yu Yuehan suddenly shot a reply.

He gritted his teeth with displeasure as he stared at the bloody bite mark on her wrist with a darkened gaze.


Was he angry because Xing Li had bitten her before he could do so?

This man really has some desire for possession…

Before Nian Xiaomu could finish despising him in her heart, a huge hand patted her forehead and said, “Nian Xiaomu, put that despising gaze of yours away. My kind of heartache is unconventional okay, you ungrateful woman.”


In the end, Nian Xiaomu was dragged away to bandage her wound.

In Yu Yuehan’s words, it was a must to at least disinfect the wound since Xing Li wasn’t in a great condition.

Mental illness is not contagious, but that is not the case for insanity. He had finally found himself a wife and he could not allow her to go astray before he even married her…

To prevent his mighty and cold impression from crumbling her heart, Nian Xiaomu was very quick and got the doctor to bandage her wound on her own accord before he could finish his words.

Just when he was asking the doctor if there was a need for the rabies vaccine, she pulled him, with some dragging and lifting, out of the hospital.

Nian Xiaomu turned around and stared at him with all seriousness the moment she got onto the car. “Yu Yuehan, are you hiding something from me?”

The man who was dragged out of the hospital extremely unwillingly had just sat in the car at this point.

He was leaning against the backseat lazily with his long legs stretched.

When he heard her voice, he cast her a sideways glance, raised his eyebrows, and said, “For example?”