The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 719

Chapter 719 How Old Are You Nian Xiaomu?

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“Obsession with cleanliness.”


“Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).”

Nian Xiaomu stretched her fingers and listed a few in one go. Just when she was about to continue listing more, she noticed that the atmosphere in the car had changed.

It felt a little chilly too.

Her hand and body had plastered themselves onto the car door and she was now holding onto the handle tightly.

She was prepared to escape by pushing open the car door and running away, just in case he wanted to punch her.

“Childish. How old are you, Nian Xiaomu?” As Yu Yuehan straightened his body calmly, he raised his head slightly and leaned against the side of the car seat.

His voice sounded hoarse and it seemed like he had caught a cold.

However, Nian Xiaomu knew that this was a prior indication of his evil tongue.

This man would usually disguise himself as a harmless person whenever he was about to unleash the brutal side of himself. As such, people would let down their guard, and then successfully land themselves in his clutches.

Afterward, he would crush you with a single blow while you weren’t paying attention!

Til there was nothing left of you.

As Nian Xiaomu stared vigilantly at his lazy appearance she said, “I am not childish at all. At least, I wouldn’t run to the doctor to ask if I needed a rabies vaccine after I was simply bitten by another human. Unless…”

Nian Xiaomu intentionally paused before adding, “Unless you were the one who had bitten me.”



Yu Yuehan did not explode in anger after she had spoken sarcastically to him, he just slowly cast a glance in her direction.

Lifting his head, he instructed the chauffeur to drive off, and dashed her hopes of escaping from the car.

Following which, he looked at her with his dark eyes and said, “Do you dare to repeat whatever you have said just now one more time?”


As Nian Xiaomu saw the passing cars on the road, she silently calculated her percentage of survival if she were to jump from the car.

She appeared calm but her emotions were in fact tempestuous on the inside when she came up with a negligible number.

In the end, she reached out gracefully and adjusted her hair under his provoking gaze.

“Did you say something to me just now? I didn’t hear it.”


“Forget it, don’t worry if you can’t remember. I am a little sleepy and I want to take a short nap. Don’t wake me up until we are home!”

Before he knew it, Nian Xiaomu had shut her eyes and was fast asleep in a second.

She was originally pretending to be asleep, as she was afraid that she would be thrown from the car by a particular someone.

However, Nian Xiaomu really did fall asleep after the person beside her didn’t speak for a long time.

Her long and regular breathing was as peaceful sounding as he looked at her beautiful face…

It seemed that she was dreaming of delicious food too, as a drop of saliva had circled around the corner of her mouth numerous times along with her breathing…

No, she was not childish.

She merely did not graduate from kindergarten.

As Yu Yuehan propped his head up with one hand, he tilted his body to the side and stared at her harmless, sleeping face that looked like a baby. Instantly, his dark and soulful eyes turned gentle.

After he instructed the chauffeur to drive at a slower speed, he sat his huge body beside her. As she nestled herself into his embrace to seek for warmth, he reached out with much satisfaction and massaged her head.

“Nian Xiaomu, only a childish person would sleep like a pig.”


Nian Xiaomu was asleep and could not hear what he said. However, it was different for the chauffeur who was driving at the front.

When he saw his Young Master hugging onto Nian Xiaomu tightly and lovingly, just like how one would carry a child, he seemed to have witnessed a wonder of the world and kept on staring with bulging eyes

Young Master, being sarcastic to a sleeping person doesn’t seem like something a mature man would do.

You are behaving in such a childish manner, are you betting on the fact that I would not tell Miss Nian about it?